The ChaCha dance of “ain’t life great?!”

Does your daughter respond to your query:

How are you doing?

With: “none of your business” in the form of

I don’t want to talk about it.

Those are the words being exchanged between a Yuppy Mother and her talented Millennial daughter.

Former side kicks, antics fan.

CoDancers on lonely Friday nights.

Sharers of a family shredded.

Hopes dashed.

Sharing a soft AND stubborn nature.

What a lethal combination these times!

p.s. listening to BEATS channel on my iPad. You can access an innumerable amount of music by listening to the iHeart Radio station.

Interesting, as always seems to come to pass with most consumer commanders: you can always fail.


The distance you have to fall is likely to the moon and back. (Someone I once knew told me I was loved “to the moon and back).

There always seems to be in a misstep in the chacha dance of “ain’t life great?”

I love learning, and watching to see if I can test myself.

Apple is becoming an indifferent brand.

Most would consider to-mean that the company is so successful, it becomes arrogant, several degrees out of touch with reality, can’t see their own nose with all the glittering ideals that have lost its sparkling glow.

We should start recruiting female politicians into more CEO roles not the other way around (ahem, Meg at HP, the other HP former CEO ran against Trump. ] FACT CHECK: Her name and link to debate with Trump image ~ she could hold her own!

Think about it. If any woman can rise to CEO in technology universe, at the highest order based of number of employees.

Can I identify the tell tale signs?

As I earlier indicated, I am listening to the iHeart BEATS channel for free.

Unfortunately, as I persevere to try new things, for free online, I’m likely to give it space. A minute to gel. They don’t have access to seeing my ginormous collection of iTune Music.

Apple is now being arrogant with me during its recent interactions.

That’s after I have spent, I don’t want to count how much, on iTunes purchased music, a couple of movies, then there is the extensive library of iBooks.

Times tough.

My HH is recovering from an aneurysm, due again for surgery next month.

I’ve recovered from breast cancer surgery three weeks ago. I bounced back quite quick ~ I’d like to think of it as “muscle memory” from ice skating from my youth to when I graduated with an Associates Degree in business.

I like to putter. I like to play in my garden.

Lately, it’s mainly weeding and turning soil.

Moving perennials around.

2 summers ago, we had a fellow who came to treat our lawn from weekly, to biweekly, to monthly to Rob cutting it, a pride of ownership thing for guys. I think.

I’ve never been much of a sugar coaster. I have become annoyed by people asking me what I’ve been doing for the past year.

Meanwhile their expression emotes “slacker” label splat over my forehead. READ MORE & SUBSCRIBE

Especially interviewers whose expression emotes:


Virtually splatting a wet gooey label on my forehead.

I certainly deflect the question, which probably conveys the vibe that I’m not being honest.

I find if I try the honest approach. It yields people speechless. Some mumble about being sorry.

No apology necessary.

I know I don’t have it.

How much of an impact is quite another fact.

A country as beautiful, free and hopeful, ignores its Caregivers. The ones who save the medical costs required by training the caregiver into a nurse. For free.

Then, maybe I fumble more than I thought.

Recovery to poise is harder these days.

Yes, Apple is at risk of losing my business. That is a definable figure. Take my average across all purchases, divide by 12 months.

0 ZERO is identifiable

It floats far below the bottom line.

Add in my online opinion, guesstimate my influence. Or whether my opinion gains traction.

The numbers tell me I have a tribe.

Some from unlikely interests, others a shared vibe.

I’m not liking DJ KELLY on BEATS via iHearts ….it doesn’t get MY VIBE.

I’ll probably go hunting for 103 FM – a lively rotation of 70s 80s SOFT ROCK (or mild, mediocre sh*t my Baby Boomer older brother has claimed).

Apple is not doing the tango with me because, out of financial hardship, barely able to afford food, I no longer subscribe to APPLE MUSIC for $9.99 a month.

Early authors like Grisham, preorders loyal, I had to stop buying books.

When you’re floating around poverty, while still surrounded by beauty, it is hard to comprehend.

So I’ll continue to keep up appearances, with each rejection looming on the horizon.

I’ll bounce back, like a jump on skates, sometimes rotating. Avoiding a fall.

You can go look for @optioneerjm on APPLE iTunes, I think my library is still there.

If you have iTunes, I can give you permission to listen to my collection, downloadable I’m not sure, can’t say, yet would doubt it.

That’s what happens when great companies loose their vision. In the aftermath, historians will likely surmise that Apple couldn’t last without Steve Jobs at the helm of innovation.

How you can tell?

Discovering Apple Music owns BEATS music.

There, another story from numbers.

Some climb to arrive at number one, numero uno.

Very few can survive at the top.

It’s obvious that after Apple nudged Google, who is still trying to secretly recover from a data security breach.

Cyber security is where it’s at.

What information are you allowing permissions for?

How will it be used? Cut the B.S. about selling your data, that is a 1999 mentality. How, where, when is the information, also known as data, shared or used? By whom and how.

If Facebook had provided full disclosure on who’s data was being accessed, how that information was used, and by whom? Including transparency in naming financial ventures, developers or otherwise, compensation, gain.

So for now, Apple is making my life more miserable when it starts to arm wrestle me into submission of funds by a monthly subscription of rounded $10 a month, that is at least $120 a year, U.S. — equivalent to about $150 Canadian dollars.

I can listen to the radio in my car. I can listen to new genres, however brief, on iHeart Radio on my smart devices, ear plugs plugged in.

Regardless that my smartphone screen is battered, it is still a funnel for my vibe.

Music I listen to is another contributor.

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