Numbers are the ultimate story tellers

Your attention is being ramped up online:

Be prepared for a ride.

One minute our is attention is hijacked by political antics, each of us watching the “walk of shame.

Remember our beloved

Game of Thrones

was it that long ago we

were enraptured with the finale

Not that long ago,

Much longer in human years.

That’s much longer than dog years.

Which is equivalent to 7 equivalent years.

Our dog, Buddy, is 7 years old. We’re practically the same age, as he’s equivalent to 49 human years.

That’s certainly not old, considering life expectations is older than ever, where centurions are not as rare as they seemed before.

Even dogs seem to be living longer: where 15 isn’t a major deal.

15 equals

X 7

105 dog years.


The walk of shame is going on all around the Western Hemisphere.

With Trump’s dictatorship is clearly represented by his Tweet rampages.

By someone who speaks with a practiced softness that is not apologetic, giving soft voices a bad rap.

The only credit I can muster is he makes his own world. It is his fingers typing those words. I’d imagine he 2-finger types his messages, no thumb scrolling Obama who favoured Canadian company’s Blackberry because of its security.

The only red warnings at Trump’s fingertips are spellchecking-app-alarms indicating there might be a typo or misspelling.

In fact, I’d get that he has Ivanka double check the DOOZIES! She may confer with her husband, out of respect and matrimonial harmony.

His mafiasos are his sons. One bumbling, the other robotic.

Trumps not-so-undercover agents are his sons, with captain, the outlaw (in-law).

The undercover agents, seemingly proud of their affiliation with the propaganda one-man organization.

Let’s be clear. The undercover agents in this man’s world, means he slept with them, cheated with them, under the bedcovers. [Note, I am sharing an impression, not necessarily an opinion, of what his temper tantrums do.

I’m only certain of what they do not.

The rambling fingers scrambling to put words to his thoughts. Unless I can be educated otherwise, only he logs on and inputs on Twitter.

Has he sworn otherwise?

I don’t think so.

I do think the numbers do tell a story.

Someone who likes to be Number One. Only Latin verbiage being “UNO”.

A comedic reaction would be sharing from others, their views on what that stands for? Bafoon, Baboon, Badster.


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