I want to share a good news story and see if I can make it go viral :: look for blog at + share it because it is going to feel good to, how great humanity can really be > @optioneerjm @Twitter @Instagram http://www.pinterest\


I posted this every where!


Now, I want to experiment to get it to go viral.

I will be leveraging all my connections online:

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I want to share a good news story and see if I can make it go viral :: look for blog at + share it because it is going to feel good to, how great humanity can really be > @optioneerjm @Twitter @Instagram http://www.pinterest\ +Facebook +Google’s blogspot

The numbers show I’m primed

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Kat is in Calgary!

How marvellous.

Let me tell you a short story,

from there, you’ll agree:

a heartwarming tale of two warm hearts.

I met Kat when I was in Mazatlan, Mexico, about a year and a half ago, while on vacation with my sister.

My very own guardian angel herself.

My sister knows from my voice, whether I’m on top of the world enthusiastic, or in the pitiful pain of fear. She knew I had been at the mercy of bullies at where I worked, the resulting behaviour by a few supervisors, who were likely considered minorities in many other settings. Except this particular culture was the opposite. The more obvious citizens were subjected to abuse by managers, where the rest had each other’s back. All for the numbers. Which demonstrated the level of annual bonus.

NUMBERS : the even villain

Agreed. I wasn’t feeling too good about myself.

Considered strong.

How did I end up the subject of bullying based on my feedback?

I wouldn’t be qualified to give specifics.

I am merely expressing hypothesis, an opinion.

Of my own.

I am not assuming everyone likes or agrees with what I have to say, because that’s life.

My sister and I have rarely had spats.

I have to confess, it’s more likely that I’m not listening,

not even paying attention.

Ready to pounce with a response or comment.

Which can often divert the conversation.

Take it in a whole new direction.

Not with harmful intent. Just really fast reaction.

In one ear and out the other.

Unless, I take the time to repeat it back,

polished with commentary expression,

sometimes combined with an example

that demonstrates I got it.

Enter my soul sister.

I was pouty on this trip.

Feeling sorry for myself.

Disappointed where I ended up.

Where a male supervisor used inappropriate

interaction with me.

Where I reported it under the corporate directive,

which is enforced by a strict code of ethics. Which immediately identified a problem.

However reported initially in person with a senior female manager, who ripped me out from a team, where I had earned spirited teamwork recognition.

My doctor diagnosed me with “anxiety”, subscribed therapy, which I began. Faithfully and regularly.

Until a manager with a new tactic disallowed me to attend a therapy session, citing minimum notice not given. I still have the email I sent to said manager, as soon as the appointment is booked. I used my smartphone to keep notes on reminders or email or to do. I was not allowed to attend my doctor prescribed therapy session, even though the reason did not apply.

My anxiety increased.

At follow up with my family physician, she put me on leave without any specific timelines.

The managers went on the offensive. The ineffective union placed on alert. Constructive dismissal proceedings had begun. After “investigation” I was not the victim, I was not performing to their standards.

I didn’t hesitate setting alarm bells off through company alerts, probably none in place, nor monitored.

Just the numbers please!

I was wandering the beach shoreline, looking for sand dollars, because I was mystified and curious to find one of my own.

My dear sister, the previous day, had found a natural, round pearl, the size of a pea. At the foot of where we had set up our beach loungers, under palm umbrella.

I wasn’t feeling the best.

My heart was aching with sadness.

None of which I could control.

At the deepest pit of despair, you no longer ask: why me?

Instead you begin to inventory every mistake, disappointment, dishonesty, mistrustful feelings

you’ve ever had. I can guarantee it was as low as thinking, I could leave my sister slumbering, under the darkness of the night, less star-filled, walk out into the ocean and just fade away.

That was a pivotal moment I knew to myself, I could do it. If I really wanted to.

I wasn’t crying.

More melancholy than that.

Distractedly looking for a sand dollar, I noticed how many beautiful shells where half sticking out of the sand. Starting a collection of treasures all alone.

When out of the sound of waves thundering, came

a friendly sturdy voice:

” This is a great spot to find all the best ones.

After 3 o’clock is the best time.”

I’m not one to hesitate to strike up a conversation with anyone! I’m animated and geared that way. It annoys the hell outta HH and kids and everyone.

We stood on the beach, moving closer to the resort my sister was lounging.


Kat and her husband Jim were staying in Mexico for 6 months. That was my sisters dream, so I thought she’d like to meet Kat, who was so full of vigour and fun, energy galore. She filled our ears and hearts with all the great things to do or eat or the best place to sing karaoke….. not something either my sister or I would have been considered to do. Before, at least.

Through our superior connection, we got to know each other fast. You can do that when you can express to a mere stranger, your greatest fear or tribulation. The empathetic reaction almost spiritual.

Her love of her life, Jim, were in Mexico for 6 months. Mostly, to renew their wedding vows, that were exchanged on the beach among a myriad crew. Eclectic individuals.

Kat shared their story with humour and romantically spiced events.

I was mesmerized somewhat.

Looking at my personality mirror.

Except Kat is a tall, statuesque dark-haired amazon-like tower with sparkling blue eyes. A smile wide and welcoming to everyone within eye site.

She does have a sad story. Not for me to tell.

Yet, we helped each other profoundly.

Ours, my sister, I along with a gal named Rose.

(I’ll tell about our thorny rose another time.)


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