You were made to make footprints

said somebody.

I don’t know.


Well I know it

came from within


My Epitaph

Along similar lines to:

You were made to stand up,

more importantly to stand out!

said by me.

Reflective and driven

by so many things to do.

What if I’m told:

Get your affairs in order?!?

Well, I’m out of the gait and

running for my life to get to

finish the race.

Make things better, in the best

way I can.

Allow God guide me through the Holy Ghost,

where the teaches of his words shown through

his son, not mere words. But action of the divine

Saviour in the Christian faith.

Where it has been said:

God and Jesus loved the worst.

The downtrodden, the criminals,

Prostitutes, liars, cheaters, the leopracy inflicted, the dirtiest feet.

He claimed them and cleansed them all.

Humble humility in its infant form.

This is what I’ve gained from reading the Bible.

The finest and purest form of meditation.

Secret Sauce LOGO

THINE WILL be done.

In the BIG BOOK communicates instruction,

on how to live life.

Value life.

That may be what the Millennial crowd of hipsters are missing:

You can’t be a hipster

if you’re a follower.

A real hipster makes footprints

to show others where to follow.

~ Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

boosted unrealistic entitlement and

expectation on a collision course

towards destruction.

I’m paying attention to what is going

on around me not all, although some,

of my own making.

Toxic relationships have

catastrophic harm.

Two battling felines

depicted in the first

three letters are:


As in “cat fight”

which climaxed

by the 1980s


from the 1970s

glory days where

girls beat up other girls.

I’m afraid to admit, I can tell the difference.

Getting beaten up back then meant that you

were standing out.

Threatening to others who couldn’t measure up.

Victims of some sort of abuse.

So prevalent of the Baby Boomers.

Whose peace, love, open relationships

culture exploding AIDs into 1980s biggest

CRISIS and health threat.

We had to learn by educating ourselves.

Relying on fact.

Recognizing who was credible,

reliable as seekers of truth.

Not like today.

The almighty buck

chases out The ALMIGHTY Father.

I would love to know what the statistics are for spiritual life from generations:

War ERA 1930 to 1945 [ 2019: aged 64 to 89 ]

Baby Boomers generation 1946 to 1960 [ 2019: aged 64 to 59 ]

Generation X 1961 to 1975 [ 2019: aged 58 to 45 ]

MILLENNIAL HIPSTERS 1976 to 1990 [ 2019: aged 44 to 30 ]

MILLENNIAL 1976 to 1989

How many practice a faith, of free will, not by pressure

Collismatic harm.

Always on a collision course.

Difficult to predict or avoid.

Some very profound lessons

have reached me.

When the pedal hits the metal

where the rubber meets.

Or some such version.

I can’t remember.

Not that it’s not that important

in the grand scheme of things.


Resounding over and over.

If you can’t define what the payoff is,

you don’t know what your return will be.

The payoff is when you get THE most brilliant results!

The finish line.

The end result.

A great payoff could be a promotion, recognition, get to do something that floats your boat and rocks your boat!

Most bazillionaires would agree:

it’s the journey,

not the money,

that means the most.

From point A to Point Z ( we pronounce it “zed” in Canadianese, a unique version of English, often followed with “eh”.)

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