Define what matters to you. Nobody else. Your unique point of view.

Nothing really else matters.

Yet we agonize and waste brain cells and feel angst and pain.


Does it really matter whether it makes sense?

Do we care about what’s best more than getting our own way?

Hardly ever.

There really is very little payoff when you work for anyone else.

You can call yourself an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a politician, an athlete.

It rarely ever matters what acclaimed ownership, founders, members, intelligence or expertise.

People don’t care, because you don’t register enough to matter.

Toxic envy can infiltrate an aura.

Wanting what others have matter.

Envy robs all feeling joy.

Swept away with the dusty matter.

To clear the air.

Polish the heart on things that matter.

Being your best self is all that truly matters.

The above image is under creation. Can you think who inspired the caricature?

I am not a portraiture or any conventional artist. Nor a cartoonist. If pressed, I would say illustrator emerging the most. Exploring and learning, stretching my imagination.

CLUE: I have to sign off to go watch George Clooney having a chat with Dave. Yep, conversations David Letterman is having interesting and revealing and entertaining intellectual viewing.

p.s. George and I are the same age.

p.s.s. I think I went to school with Michael J. Fox in Germany ] FACT CHECK: is overflowing [

Let me know your guess of who this person is. Leave your’s under comment.

The winner will get a digital version they can use for profiles or posts!

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