You’ve got a million shots so why not?

A derivative from the quote

by “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky

Champion of the YUPPY generation.

“You will miss

100 percent of

the shots you

don’t take.

~ Wayne Gretzky


One of the uppermost things that registered with me back in 2010, when I jumped onto experimental social media, was how much I loved quotes. Arguably, one of the largest and oldest hashtags, quotes generate:

  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Shares

Some of the early adopters create their own quotes.

Likely, one of the suggestions Twitter or Instagram suggest you follow based on how often you click, like, comment, re-share with your own comments, etc. build your unique algorithm.

Otherwise referred to as your:

  • digital footprint

  • clicks

  • what you click on

  • what you share

  • where you visit

Imagine Mom, grandma, teacher, boss, sister, brother, daughter, son, Aunt, Godmother, cousin, priest, pastor, minister, judge, lawyer, victim, supporter could see into the globe: mirroring YOUR unquestionably questionable surfing.

Would you be a criminal or considered insane by what your keyboard or mouse reveals?

Consider the perception the behaviour would cause. By your own hand, eyes and mind.

Could you be embarrassed?

This seems the most revolted by the Millennial mindset.


How do you define embarrassment?

Let it be your guide.


How you’ll appear at the Pearly Gates.

That’s what I fear now.

Since the worst has already happened.

Afflicted with breast cancer.

When I’ve always believed in sunsets.

The afterglow of a life well spent.

Lucky in most regards.

Saddened by others.

Stifling resentment or regret.

Is there time to do more mending.

With myself as well as others.

I’ve been reaching out personally

by different funnels to the real friends

I’ve ever known.

They’ve been my cheerleaders.

My biggest supporters call on the telephone.

Others, transmit a text to check in with you.

I’ve been frantically reaching out to those I’d

love to see again. Soon. The barrier of excuses

have evaporated from me.

There is no time

but the present time.

Someone said. Who did? ] fact check & insert [ highlighted as if the option of a TO DO list

even exists.

Knowing there are man who would care.

Hopefully, I’ll have enough time to see them

all. One who said she missed me, when we

realized we’ve missed our chance for a visit

or a chat. A gal who it could be years since

we’ve connected, dissipate indifference or madness of busy life.

The only limits you

have are the ones you

set for yourself.


~Jeannette Marshall








Tomorrow I see the surgeon.

He is going to tell me whether

cancer has spread, from Breast

Cancer. He removed the tumour

a week ago. Only a couple of weeks

to surgery. No time to reflect as much

when the decision was mine alone.

Go get’er’all by a complete mastectomy

or the removal of the lump with as well

lymph node tell all.

It could be a new rollercoaster ride.

I could be fine before HH tumbles

downhill, before or as a result of

his own surgery at the end of August.

There isn’t a choice, but am I given the chance

to choose? I don’t want to lose him any more

than I want to die.

I maybe sounding melodramatic.

A wake up call can do that.

I was so scared a week ago today,

facing the surgery of my life.

The only surgery I’ve ever undergone.

Not even a broken bone.


The worst have been a broken

heart a few times. From those

I trusted and love.

I learned to appreciate the ones

who take the time to love,

the time to show they care.

Depending on the outcome,

or the need to write some more.

Depleting the demon of regrets,

removing punishment of myself.

I’ve made mistakes, failed and

faced some difficult odds.

I’ve arrived at the other end.

The ones who truly care reach out and ask how your doing. No matter how many times you’ve annoyed them, or frustrated them. They know your intimate nature is

generous and helpful to a fault. That your meter blows from disrespect.

Who doesn’t like to be wrong or suffer defeat.

Queen or King of champions.

So that others can learn.

Practice the “Golden Rule”

treat others as you wish

to be treated.

May you never fall into despair, be anxious,

or lose your reason to care.

It takes one hero to make a difference.

It takes millions to learn from them.

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