Sometimes accidents are great!

Like my youngest daughter.

The ultimate hipster.

Setting trends rather than a trend setter.

Someone who sets trends creates things other’s like:

Makeup free skin with faint freckles that only stand out only if she blushes, far infrequently tries to tan.

She got it. The useless waste of time trying to get a tan.

The same thing always happened: she appeared to have more freckles, pronounced like explanation points by expression.

Trying to tan exploded freckles.

Unbeknownst whether that is an established fact? Is there a type of skin with freckles only produce more freckles from the burning sun’s rays.

We do know that as our CO2 emissions continue to climb, so does our hemispheric layer protect us from harmful rays. Our air’s dome is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

From what I can take away with every article or media or scientific or environmental educational sharing, we are heading for calamity full speed ahead.

We could self-destruct at any moment.

There are the warning signs.

More than zero is too many great white whales dying at the foot of the St. Lawrence waterway. I remember Grade 5 geography as though it were yesterday.

A teacher, Mr Quigg, with his lopsided face as a result of battling polio as a child.

He would have been the tail end of the War Era babies, whom I identify as those born between 1930 to 1950.

The WAR ERA generation and demographic led us in believing anything was possible. Survivors of incredible odds of living much past adulthood, whether by wars or health ravages

The image shown is a photograph of something I painted. On a surface that is memorable because it came from a reclamation specialist in Calgary. He took apart the Cecil Hotel. A landmark in Calgary. The bent, rusted material came torn from The Cecil, with indented impressions of Canadiana and heritage.

To me, that was 1980. Full of promise and believable inspiration.

Thank you Mr Quigg so very very much.

You recognized I was a glutton for information.

As I was deciphering coming of age by events

going on around me.


The only thermometer was my imagination.

No limits to what I could believe in.

Mr. Quigg lived by example. Demonstrating as proof:

Image insert <<

The only limits you

have are the ones you

set for yourself.


~Jeannette Marshall






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