Keep in touch on social media is a fact and a necessity

What REALLY matters is how others see you.


What really matters is how others view you.

Thankfully, there are two worlds: the superficial one of social media: YouTube or Facebook or Twitter high on the cliff for early adopters of social media, king or queen of the faceless world where your vibe attracts a vibe.

Merely by words you can transport yourself to a universe where you are the same as everyone else. A keyboard or swipe, a smartphone or a tablet (i.e. iPad), as far away as the distance between your sight and sound originator. Although by geographic miles it could be 1000s of miles or 10,000 km [kilometer].

So close, and not very far away, you can uncap your imagination and let your aura and your words speak to others in a way that collaborates and attracts a tribe of magical proportions.

They weren’t kidding, back in the day when they said:

“The sky’s the limit”

When was that? [FACT CHECK insert or link here]

It must have been before man landed on the moon 60 years ago coming up.

It was 1969.

I watched at my aunts house, surrounded by family. A giant leap for mankind perhaps. The best example of what family really meant. No wonder my 84 yo mother freaks out!

She can only calm down when family was gathering. She doesn’t always have to go, she’s content they were living her example.

There is nothing more

important on earth

than family.

They may have squabbles

but they hugged and made up.

Where woman have an equal

voice and opinion.

She’d advise to know your facts

before you make a declaration.

She’s battle and armed.

With a zealous passionate protection.

You never doubt her intentions

are always with love and education.

A mistake is something you make

when you haven’t learned well enough

and life (or God or Allah or Buddha….

all faiths of the world share a common

spirit of community.

A bunch of cheerleaders,

an annoyingly embarrassing mother.

The Queen of the charge.

No dragons at her beckon

yet her strength of will more

fierce than any beast.

Her kids learn the tipping point

of when she’s gonna blow.

A gasket, a fuse, an Oscar performance.

You’re never sure which or if it’s the witch

or the bitch persona.

You hardly credit her for

teaching you so much.

Like your manners.

What’s right and what’s wrong,

she’s VERY educated in

the difference.

Test her theories at your peril.

She’s read so much, experienced

such pain and sublime happiness.

Take the wrong path?

Making excuses to ease your anxiety?

A mother can call BULLSHIT!

No matter which language used.

It has more insult when you know

she learned to say it in English —

the most powerful of all.

She notices your posture and if

you close your mouth when you

eat and don’t talk with your mouth full.

You’ll frown comically when you

realized, you’ve said the exact same to her!


it is taking us by surprise. That’s because we don’t pay attention to demographic trends. The sway of movement from Baby Boomers to the Millennial.

I’ve said it before: the advertising industry identifies psychographics based on your age.

Psychographics is a pattern of behaviour that links certain people together. For example, most people can identify the 1980s just by how the character dressed.

Where psychographics steps in, as another example, it can predict where you were at in life:

  • As in education, experience, financial worth (ASSETS minus DEBT) includes possessions: house value, automobiles (DEBT free or on loan?) equals what you are worth.

*Are you likely to pay off your loans? [on time or in full.]

*Do you go on annual vacations? Or enjoy STAYCATIONS (hang around home during your vacations)

*What are the chances you’ll vote?

VOTING: The biggest gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials

Who gets out matters.

This fall for Canadians.

Who voted in their ideal HIPSTER,

idolized and legalized POT!

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