GIDDPY UP with your vibe to attract your tribe

The Calgary Stampede

I’ve written about what to wear for the Calgary Stampede before on (by GOOGLE) before. A few years back.

It’s like 10 days of dress up, except it has a Cowboy theme.

It is beside the point that it is the world’s largest rodeo. You don’t even have to go to the fairgrounds or infill to watch the rodeo, barrel racing, chuckwagon races to get into the spirit.

Definitely, it is best to blend in with the locals — you won’t be able to tell them apart. From corporate CEO to visiting royalty to Prime Ministers along the line, and provincial premiers, to astronauts, everyone dresses the same: their own version of what it means to be an informal Ambassador under a united nation, proud of the heritage over 100 years brings.

You may even think the real rodeo kings, of times past and dusty example of glory days, were part of the look. It makes the experience charming, although I’ve never been to MardiGras to be qualified to tell.

I can tell you, your hosts are Canadian, manners and good nature, exemplify how Canada lands high upon the crown of the best country in the world to live in.

Take in The Calgary Stampede and you’ll know why. Where else are you paid to party with customers and vendors, even competitors in a lively setting. Nobody cares what your sales were last year or last week.

For 10 days a year, you don’t talk about work, especially in the yahoo places, gatherings of people from a variety of hype from big oil companies to fledgling tech start ups, musical concerts on smaller stages. The welcoming feeling is carried throughout.

The standard ensemble that is gender-free, is a pair of cowboy boots, cowboy hat and jeans. Dust is free.

What people completely forget is that it is also one of the biggest networking events in the world.

People are stripped down to the roots by all looking the same. Nobody bigger, some taller, nobody poorer, just shorter.

It doesn’t even matter if you have a long flowing mane, on your horse is preferred, you could be bald and that hardly matters beneath that beaten up hat.

What people mind are manners, expected of themselves and their guests. It isn’t movie make up, cowboys are very polite with yes ma’am if you’re 22 or 62.

The way to spot the elusive home grown original Calgary?

If you take a 1.5 hour drive west, you will be enveloped by the mountains, who’ve seen it all. From Marilyn Monroe, to Princess Diana, many take a break from the hoopla and drift away from the plains to the majestic Rocky Mountains.

There is no better place on earth to take selfies with mountain deer, called elk, stumbling around a rocky path with the backdrop of The Banff Springs Hotel you can spot far, far below.

Check out your co-visitor, wearing cut offs, T-shirt’s and baseball caps. They’re likely a Calgarian forging with nature, not as often as they can. More, resigned to a STAYCATION, with a beautiful escape so close.

It doesn’t matter what the price of oil is, or how much you paid for your boots~snakeskin cowboy boots are outlawed in Canada, so mind your Ps&Qs.

All that matters is that genuine smile on your face. Nobody cares if you flew in or walked or came on a horse. What matters if you are up for a good time, wanna try a stab at a mechanical bull, or step on toes with everyone else while 2stepping to country tunes. More often live, rarely by DJ. Some karaoke super stars or those in a singing competition.

Where Paul Brandt entered in the Calgary Stampede singing competition, a lad from Saskatchewan, winning a CD signing sponsored by Budweiser. One of our proud, even if not native sons. We adopted him in Calgary because he was a nurse at The Children’s Hospital, for my son, something like 25 years ago.

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