Keep improving

Life Long Learning

Words we’ve uttered or believed in to the core.


I discovered that I have a profound fear of speaking publicly.

Those who love me, or many others I annoy, would find that unbelievable because I am the most talkative person they know.

They say you end up marrying your father … or your mother.

It’s true, you know.

Just not in the leaps or physical resemblance, or words like expression you say without meaning to.

I am growing into my mother.

She’s the most influential woman I know.

She has spirit and tenacity that I owe. Nurture and nature colliding with genetics to evolve in two of my more obvious traits.

My mother could buy something in pieces, left at the curb side, a tradition of Germans to give whatever junk you wanted to give away. There was no such thing as garage sales from 1969 to 1974.

My sister drools at this spectacular metal birds nest I found from stopping by a garage sale while HH were just out for a country drive.

I think I’ll turn it into an URN for my ashes.

Maybe glue the Toastmasters badge on it to demonstrate how important it is to walk the walk.

An emblem to show one’s fierceness to overcome an overwhelming fear of public speaking, while learning so many valuable lessons of friendships, comradeship and support.

I upheld the adage to continue learning your whole life through. Don’t do just the minimum to squeak by.

Learn something well enough you can speak about.

Ignore the superfluous ignoramus of the Barbie wanna-be’s who end up complaining nobody thinks they are smart or their opinion doesn’t count.

You DO REAP what you’ve sown

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