What starts out as an innocent interaction splayed across the media, who followed the lead of the social media vibe

Media organizations know numbers.

Advertisers buy access to those numbers.

SOCIAL MEDIA doesn’t know numbers, it knows ALGORITHMS

TECHNOLOGY creates the TOOLS to do anything but move from a dial circular telephone to the LEAP to touch tone. (I lived in those times and lived as a Yuppy — who were essentially an age group who shared a vibe: independently thinking how much knowledge has yet to be known, the survival of a Yuppy who really just shared an attitude.

Gifted VISIONARIES can read the numbers, and then CREATE something they are attuned to by the music of the NUMBERS.

Think STEVE JOBS, perfectly impatience in outlook towards anything that didn’t make sense.

I’ve read so many blogs and books about him, watched stories about him, fictionalized by movies.

Then there is the real Steve Jobs, protectively private, propitiously opinionated, his demon perfectionism and interpretation that if it makes sense to him, it will likely be so for others.

Driven by aesthetically pleasing, simple, sleek with the imagineering of merging into space. Reaching out to space.

STOP and smell the FLOWERS

Who said that?

I’m pretty certain I share the same anguish and fear that Steve did.

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, by identifying and recognizing the wake up call I had with my younger brother dying as a result of the opioid crisis in Vancouver. He was alone.

A week ago yesterday, I had a lump removed along with a lymph node for closer examination. Medical science has grown in leaps since my own mother did, a 34-year mastectomy survivor, now 84 and still strong enough to embarrass even an Italian or Jewish mother!

We’ve either gone insensitive to all the improprieties in the world, likely anywhere aged 40 to 70 former Yuppies who worked hard, fought hard sometimes, rarely discouraged and often at the front of the charge.

Like a Hippy is a feeling.

It conjures up either a long haired, long bearded handsome but your not quite sure if he IS as handsome as he may be behind the disguise.

Think John Lennon.

I must be really losing my mind?

Sharing my version of the most extraordinary visionaries in my time. Probably this tribe is by far too few.

So, to me, it’s a toss up between Steve Jobs and John Lennon to choose the likeliest heroes in my generation.

They were on the hipster side of Baby Boomers, the ones we Yuppy crowd wanted to be …. except more educated and better dressed with more toys than a conveyer belt.

I’m talking those kids who graduated from High School around 1959.

It really isn’t that hard to stretch the imagination that most of the Baby Boomers were watching The Jetsons and The Brady Bunch, looking up to “the cool” of their time.

It’s no wonder that the grads of 1959 were motivated: they had graduated as a result of being born post World War II — the largest population explosion by the number of babies born between 1935 and 1960.

That’s one of the reasons I object to being called a Baby Boomer. I don’t share their attitude.

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