Get on the LinkedIN happy bus for Canada Day or 4th of July celebrations

Oh, how much fun would this be to do?

Could someone give me a bus to paint please?

Can you donate this to me?

It’s my make-a-wish a dream

I dream to going camping with the HH, so that he can plan, buy the groceries that goes along with his menu and go on a road trip across Canada in it. or just take little jaunts where we can set up, with Buddy on hand to provide security detail.

We’d use it as a dual vehicle purpose besides for camping.

It would be a dream.

Doing the art and then travelling across the country to fun events that are free, part of our wish since we are only relying on a long term benefits plan that has caused hard ships. We could meet other Canadians who form into friendship like I did with Kat and her huband while on a trip to Matzatlan, my favorite destination within Mexico.

Kat and Jim are coming to visit us during Stampede, next weekend — I met them last time in Mexico with my sister in Mazatlan, it was home and a great, welcoming, warm vibe.

Have a fun filled Canada Day long weekend, on behalf of Canadian girls! LLISTTEN to @CODYBRODY #CANADIANGIRLS SONG ON YOU TUBE

Got your itinerary all set up?

Lets all go campy together.
Shown on LinkedIN
What a switch eh?

WHY not go for the full throttle, chortle over some of the COMMENTS

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