40 years ago I graduated from High school. It was 1979

Our 1964 Ford Ranchero

A wandering mind expelling ideas like an erupting volcano.

I’m an idea person.

That’s all.

Not worth anything cept to those who capitalized on those ideas.

p.s. I think ur boys should negotiate with HH for the Ranchero – continue their entrepreneurial spark inherited from your dad 💕…. keep doing that: buy cars for zero, fix em up, take pics or videos while under repair then post finished and sell ….. Csr sounds like he got the tech bug from Ken and you (leaping from secretarial pool to director of cyber security- I have to keep learning about that! ) …. then the boys pick up those old metal lawn chairs and park the Ranchero in rotating Canadian Tire stores — they could request promo credits for cashola to buy the Ranchero for them. I’d leverage your affiliation with Bad Boss and drop my name and he’ll be tripping to donate them 🥺— get decals done up (I can design them 60s style that say: Cameron Ranchero Boys with smaller type “we buy cars for $1 to fix em and sell em” … they could have web site, social media superstardom … and start their journey early … or not, lol

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