FOODIE for thought or just GaS? VOILA!

Giving you the tip fantastic

Do you take photos of your culinary delights?

Music to my ears
Good dinner

I’ve commented about this or blogged on it, before toned down a few decibels.

Now I’m ramped up with my GaS kicked in.

It means my give-shit-meter is turned off thus the acronym GaS emerges ( I’ll have to try that one outta bazillions hashtag to see if it hasn’t been used, buy a lottery ticket at the same time).

To continue guiding you to blending in or standing out from the crowd online as in with social media. Go ahead and add me on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram with a link to this blog and for sure I know how to read the numbers, so I’ll be sure to follow you back.

On to the tip fantastic ….


Take photos of your own culinary experiments that get approval from the other half.


HH: In my case, my husband whom I reference as HH (His Highness, and, no, he doesn’t smoke weed.)

Note: I retired Hunkster Hubster term of endearment for different reasons. I shield his privacy by using HH and avoid using his real name.

What is a #GaS meter?

Not bodily leaks, nor air vapours nor any of those that fluffy words that come to mind.

It means my give-shit-meter is turned off thus the acronym GaS emerges ( I’ll have to try that one outta bazillions hashtag to see if it hasn’t been used, buy a lottery ticket at the same time).


#Foodie #GaS

My own invention. PREP to FINISH 20-30 minutes


2 cups basmati, gluten free rice

4 cups water

1/2 teaspoon of olive oil (or substitute with glob of butter)

Microwaveable bowl: 10-20 minutes on high, to desired texture, or power of microwave

Let rice sit while you simmer Spaghetti until it bubbles.

Layer rice in pasta bowl or plate and top with Spaghetti



I don’t add salt to gluten free products like rice while cooking because I’ve found it makes the rice stickier in a mush-like unappetizing way.

It’s a great conversation starter when you tell others that you don’t cook with salt, and they’ll have to add according to taste — Himalayan Pink salt in a matching grinder with pepper mill.


(Brand name withheld, I am not compensated in any form for recommending brands.)

Spray nonstick olive oil gizmo that rhymes with SPAM in saucepan, heat to med-high

Sauté to brown: 1 medium-size finely diced onion (comment if you’ve read a foodie blog by me and know the gadget that I use for rapid chop for a prize.)

4 fresh finely chopped garlic

1 jar store bought prepared spaghetti sauce (rhymes with “like you”). Add to sauté mixture, turn to low-medium to heat sauce without burning (reminder for self)

1/2 of one zucchini cut horizontally, then thinly sliced washed zucchini (I keep peels on for added nutritional value)


I would have added at least a cup of shredded fresh carrots since they won’t detract the flavour, yet bolster the vitamins that are diluted from cooking.

If you thinly slice or finely chop vegetables, they barely need to be cooked, while adding zest.

I often keep frozen spinach handy to toss into a variety of recipes for times like this. Who needs vitamin supplements when you add it to your food?

CALORIES COUNT or they multiply

I don’t bother with grated Parmesan cheese since it adds more calories than substance.

If you’re feeling creative: sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan (you can buy predone for mucho dollaroos ).

Then sprinkle dried parsley (I buy year-round from Farmers’ Market). Add the coarse ground pepper for contrast, or have chilli seeds handy for some spice. (Sparingly to avoid heat on tongue).

You could add grilled chicken breast or veal and call it your own Parmesania – gracias.

I’ll post this on Pinterest in case you want to add to your own recipe collection there.


Shame on you!

It’s the best kept non secret platform.

You’re own digital file cabinet of collections, likes, hobbies, music, fashion, cars — you name it!

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