Dear Diana

I sent an email today to my sister that’ll trigger battle cries and a few hohums from my brother.

I endured an incoming call from my 84 year young mother.

HH came to me 15 minutes ago and said to stop sending texts or email. He tried to turn off my iPad, when I WAS ACTUALLY FOLLOWING UP a pre-screen interview I had yesterday to both the interviewer and the assistant who scheduled everything.

Beneath it lay hidden the email I was about to hit SEND TO.

Hi Sis

I had to forward this via email since my cell phone service cancelled midway – I thought it would be fine til midnight—scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Just talked to Mom – WOW how did I do anything? Since when did I start thinking I’m a bigger loser than I already am?

I got as far as telling her I had a phone interview this afternoon (I think I had two others the week you were here) with a VERY smart lady when Mom corrected me: “not to be smarter than the lady interviewing you.”

Sounds like a good blog – I’ll pursue. DUMB IT DOWN a catchy title?

To keep you in the loop as to what I said to whom. I’m forwarding this iMessage I sent to BB (big brother) and read to Mom on the phone.

Which was to distract her from tearing me to shreds … there’s a reason why keeping the goal


front and centre has helped me push forward.

Then I had to peel her from the ceiling as she shrieked like the 3% Jewish Heritage child I was (circumvented by telling me that and the 1/8 blood lines from indigenous heritage was a hoax, while 3% unexpectedly from somewhere else completely different).

No wonder we’re messed up.

Love Jeannette

My iPad in motion

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Text to BB

I can’t express via text how hurt I am not to have heard from you before or after Breast cancer surgery … I was genuinely concerned when you were afflicted but I never left it up to HH to communicate with you, he was unable to anyhow … I guess when the worst happens you see who really cares … it was lovely of BW to send the fruit basket after aneurism-nice of bW to show HH’s more important- he is to me too

My cell phone will be cancelled at midnight so don’t bother replying or calling-not too chatty here

Thanks for looking out for BG, she’s really needs it and knows she can count on you and BW. I like hearing how she spends time with DD and “gets it about family”

I’m praying that I won’t have cancer in the lymph nodes and need chemo … I’m trying real hard to find a job …. had a prescreen pushed off Friday to yesterday

I hope you/BW never face losing everything-unlikely since your jobs mean so much

BFF has a higher post than either or both combined with more going on with her dad having cancer, taking him to chemo, selling/moving in-laws into assisted living and her son’s grad but still took the time to keep in touch daily and stopped in to fill up our fridge, flowers, card on Sunday

I don’t get how I pissed you off or what I’ve done to you. Yes I’m broke, sick and unemployed but I’m not YB.

Even BBL came down for a couple of days when Sis came for a week to take me to tests and surgery since HH’s unable to drive.

Yes, only BG has been in touch – neither B2 or B1 to see me. I still don’t think I deserve that… I guess having to deal with X’s Treatment for skin cancer at the same time sucks-BG found out from B2, not her own father

I’m turning my phone off and throwing it in the garbage

Once again, I’m asking BW not to share or discuss our personal matters with her family or nurse-in-law respective of our family’s privacy

Sent from my iPhone

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