Trust is a beautiful thing

My goal on LinkedIn has always been to connect with those whom I can learn from.  Nowadays, it is not what people are sharing, but what they are writing and saying.  Based on experience or know how.

Another example on how TRUST matters.

I trust that people are honest and know what they are talking about.  We tend to lean towards familiar names to follow, brand names per se.  

Every platform has a process for reporting other users who are abusing the service.  If they don’t then they are missing the bus, especially a lot of opportunity.

How trustworthy your organization is, amounts to a priceless reputation.  Watching CBC tonight’s “Marketplace” I wouldn’t trust a couple of the major telecommunications companies in Canada, nor their association.  And this is an investigative journalist perspective.  They like nothing better than to squeal on the big boys.

It makes me wonder what the watchdogs are doing?  With the explosion of information, abuse of information and stealing information, our governments need to be on their toes.  After all, they’re number one job is to take care of the people who voted them in.  That’s what Trudeau and Trump don’t get, from my point of view.  

Both pretty boys whose careers were boosted by daddy. 



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