It’s so simple, it’s silly

This is all that matters.
Everything else is junk.

“It’s just junk!”

My older brother says.

During our telephone conversation

while I was calling to wish him a


It strikes me a being a role model.

Which he had always been since I

can remember.

Not an idol — nobody really is because

nobody is worthy of being an idol … except Jesus or Allah or Buddha;

Nobody else sets the bar so very HIGH

when it comes deeply and lovingly giving

unsolicited advice.

Regardless of

who they are.

Someone you

sit up and pay

attention to.

You know you

love and respect

them. You admire

their ability to cut

through the B.S.

dice through the niceties

while upholding the diction,

tone, and manners before

anything that matters, is right

or wrong. Sprinkle in my dad,

Stormin Norman, example of

speaking loudly and authoritatively.

Not without fact-checking to ensure

he understood “the pay off”.

You didn’t go to ask for my father’s soft,

nurturing support. Instead you went

for life advice, involving personal attitudes;

leadership was foremost on his psyche.

When you struggled the most, my father

pushed us back down the funnel if we didn’t

understand the point. It was our job to know

what the final “pay off” was gonna be.

He may have always had that exuberant way

of expressing himself, however, when he knew

that he was fading, he seemed to want to dispel

his amassed wealth of knowledge.

It was his way of trying to make up for the

shortfalls. He was away a lot for his military

career. The higher he went up the covert ladder,

the more unexpected the departure.

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