WordPress and blogging: in harmony

How much do spelling typos, grammatical errors minimize your brand?

I adore the tribe vibe of WordPress. The online hub for bloggers, a BLOGher – is by far the best talent and supportive community, where you can discover some real diamonds in the rough. Those with leanings towards hefty topics or topical musings,

Joined by common ideals: sharing wisdom, educating loyalist crowd, cheerleading support, creating conversations by commenting, and assembling a rich variety of reading material.

Fiction or real, these blogs conjure the imagination or dispense awareness or uncover artistically creative sites, poetic symphony of elegant narrative or agonizing diary, of thought, reflection and exorcism of sad thoughts, distinguishing regrets, putting out the fires from mental health angst.

Pure escapism, exploration of new ideas,

learning and self-discovery.

Realizing what you held as beliefs at the core

can evaporate as swiftly as mist on a hot summer day.

New perspective from a different point of view,

society, region, culture, craft or communications mode.

To the savvy and wise, exploring the plethora of content online

can widen your horizons, travel to places not otherwise seen,

up to the moment, exactly as it happens: a race traditional media

loses the race. Often looking like an afterthought,

or an up-to-the-minute BREAKING NEWS.

The forthcoming blog was shown as a constructive example of how a brilliant blog writing deteriorated swiftly when I was encumbered with typos.

I am far from perfect. I’ve been guilty of publishing a post without making sure I re-read with a fine-toothed comb (English expression meaning by critical examination), a stellar proofreading job.

What begins as an enjoyable read morphs into an annoyance.

Should you feel insulted that the writer doesn’t value more?

Should the writer be meticulous?

A nod to its readership, acknowledging their sophistication and intelligence?

A sign of respect that clearly defines a goal to attract a admirable audience: no typos, proper grammar.

Unfortunately, some of us begin to write on our iPads. A completely new and unique way of typing, clicking and entering text.

One pet peeve with WordPress is its limited and lack of flexibility with format. Combined with an iPad, the experience is worse.

Being able to import your iPad photo library should be much easier.

It becomes discernible that WordPress Developers doing their coding and magic on a PC. Definitely not a MAC or Apple device.

There’s a level of sophistication with Apple that has survived

even if Steve Jobs has not.

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