Moments that count

Captured in mere moments

If you try to mimic mindfulness,

it will limit you only by the moment.

Forcing you to remain in the present,

Where the past shall remain,

extrapolated wisdom

travels to your soul.

If you are distracted

by tomorrow

these moments pass you by.

In a blink it has passed you

when you failed to heed it.

Too consumed with time ahead.

If you can quiet your mind

frozen in what’s before you.

Neither the past nor the future

interrupt the NOW.

~Jeannette Marshall





… watching a mother in love with being a mom. Rising up and flourishing under the greatest thing a man can never know: the secret of motherhood that can beam brightly from the soul.

…. or as a mother, being set far back, hurting to not share that defining moment: her graduation top of her class, Dean’s List, Honour Roll, AND an internship at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC all last summer.

My only instruction to not meet anyone named “Trump” as if I had a say or advice needed or wanted.

There’s a progression of isolated moments when a mom is flung aside as the chickadee has to forge ahead.

That’s the moment, a mom has her fingers crossed behind her back, and she takes on the best you’ve taught her, avoided your worst traits, a survivor of her Millennial graduate class of 2019. A degree the medal for those battle scars from learning, moving ahead, knowing confidently what is acceptable or not acceptable to her.

Treating everyone with kindness and gratitude is the best traits anyone can adopt, without limits. Period.

Published by the OPTIONEERJM

A writer, a blogger, a seeker, a finder; discovering nuances that are unique to those born between 1960 and 1965 .... the tail end of Baby Boomers or the start of the X-Generation. A student of demographic, avid reader, curioso, vivid aesthetic eye, wannabe artist. I write about what appeals to Yuppies who are 50 plus and wanting to be the best of anything and everything! I provide insights and build camaraderie among YUPPIES of the 1980s, an impactful demographic born in the 60s, went into Junior High | Middle School in the mid 70s and graduated from High School 1979, followed by the roller coasters in the 1980s. Regardless of location, religion, gender identity, age, culture, beliefs, education or economic standing: EVERYONE is famous in their own world:: having the starring role. An expression, a reflection or opinion using the positive vibe that attracts ALL the movers & shakers of their WORLD. I encourage other and calm the waters for those considering entering the online universe, where the only boundaries are your own imagination. I do somersaults (virtually and imaginatively) whenever someone takes the time to comment ~ that's a true treasure!! Follow me on my social media channels: READ blogs on @Wordpress FOLLOW: @optioneerjm TWITTER|FACEBOOK|INSTAGRAM|TUMBLR|PINTEREST Jeannette has written on her blog: Optioneerjm/ on sales for over 10 years, has over 20,000+ valuable followers = quality over doing her best as a QUALITY evangelist

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