You don’t know what you know until others ask for your advice

Your knowledge doesn’t always stem from technical mumbo jumbo or education or occupation.

Like I say on my Facebook profile: PhD of LIFE experience — serves as a reminder to update my Quora profile details.

I gain a lot of credibility by sticking my neck out and answering questions. I ensure I share my answers on here because I recognize that if it’s important to ask, it is likely of interest for others to learn from.

It tests my responses based on UPVOTES from my answers. I’ve met a distinguished crew online from answers and then connects onto other social media platforms.

Not everyone will agree. Yet it is respectful and professional.

I am shown numbers from Quora, who even assigns distinction of “top business development answerer” on QUORA, how many views my answers have this month, who my UPVOTErs are in case I would like to follow them. Aka proactively networking.

As you develop your reputation, Quora asks you to answer specific questions that evolves as your reputation spreads, whereby other members|users can make direct requests to you.

I’ve asked about travel and attractions or activities advice for myself.

I’ve answered about Canadians. Most recently, lots on Instagram or relationships.

Don’t be shy: ask your question … or dive in and give your perspective.

p.s. Quora monitors their APP to ensure proper etiquette, spelling or grammar are applied.

As in most sites who offer social media networking ~ only your followers can see what you write or your profile details, background, etc. because THEIR reputation is built on trust. Trust that they are protecting you.

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