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If it says “permanently deleted” I interpret that to meaning: nixed, natta, never(again), no more as in FOREVER gone, no longer available. I’d try the following few options, in no particular order:

  1. Try to SIGN UP as the same user name for an identical identity. CON: it could be gone or taken by someone else- you’d have to long on under a different account, follow your original name, and only if they follow you back will you be able to do your investigation i.e. hacked, assigned to a unique email (someone else).

  2. Create a new identity that is identifiable with your former ID/name i.e. PamelaLee2 or PamelaLee46 or PamelaCITY (TIP: never use your personalized|unique numbers from birthdays, SIN, etc. from your identity because you would be sharing critical identifiers that expose your risk to being hacked). CON: it’s a necessary hassle to build your following|followers from scratch

  3. Reach out to something that’s sounds like “Technical Support” on the home page of your APP or GOOGLE Instagram’s Corporate website then search accordingly. Then you ask for troubleshooting assistance, if they think it’s possible (TIP: anything technical or having an online footprint that has been created, even with customization, can undo what has been done. Don’t let a lazy person blow you off, make sure you have the time to work against the current by going each notch higher, until your concern is addressed.

Exes and Ohs

NEVER share your password with anyone! It can backfire if you break up or the other partner is disgruntled or suspicious enough to go looking…. IF you want to show them behind the scenes messages or friendships exchanged or otherwise, just log on and show em, with guard against exposing password.

Tell us how you made out

If any option worked, or you did something differently, come back and let us know. That way, we all learn together and can share with others.

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