Do a favour to yourself

I sent a text to some of my closest friends offline. In the middle of thumbing my way on my iPhone, an incoming text from my best friend, Kathy, with cheer words and caring.

All I can think about is how thankful I am for so many blessings.

If you’re a woman, or those you care about are women.

Ask yourself or ask the important women, regardless of culture, religion, beliefs, status, education or wealth:

What is your Breast check plan?

Then shut up for however long it takes her to formulate an expressive reply or be patient if she has a one-word response because she will still remember you asked a REAL question that communicates how much you care.

If you’re a retiring YUPPY, you may have grown up around Hypochondria, you are more likely to react effectively to your own health.

Remember this as many of us readily conjure up where we were at, headspace, 40 years ago.

That was 1979 and we were 18, full of optimism and leaping into adulthood head on :: we were headstrong. Not because life has tossed any more life curve balls (watch automated SPELLCHECK or else it will automatically autocorrect embarrassing word or letter changes into what “IT” believes you want instead; case in point: my Smartphone still autocorrects my husband’s name to ROD from Rob — we’ve been married 13 years — you’d think that wouldn’t autocorrect on my “dumb phone”).

Rob and I graduated the same year and often exchange memory of growing up, from different home life, opposites in so many ways.

Even though some may say we’ve had a rough year by half the world, we keep good company with the rest.

I’m average.

I love art.

I am complete as long as I’m learning lessons from disappointment and any form of defeat: if you cannot extrapolate a lesson or do differently then you’re wasting headspace in what you worry about.

I often check on Rob in the middle of the night, wrapped in insomnia, to check whether he’s breathing. I can’t touch him or he’ll catapult towards the roof, worse case waking up.

I started to read the Bible a couple of months ago:: a form of engaging and learning the spiritual world.

I’ve prayed for guidance and help with my faith.

For whatever reason, the Dumb Phone’s parent company can’t get my husbands name right since 1994-ish use of a cellular with the past five exclusive to iTunes despite Microsoft woes me with an unlimited music selection).

While in iTunes >> I’m very active listening to Music and have a robust iBooks library.

As we relax in the surf of movement through the internet, allowing our providers room for acrobatic attention getters, we can find some cool things that suggest we may want to try.

My dumb phone evolved back to Smartphone and suggest I connect with my personal contacts stored on my phone, and possibly who I text with.

So, on the learning surf of AI: which I call Automated Interaction … they suggest I follow my nephew, who accepted.

What was so great?

His library was all faith-based, reminding me it’s his birthday on June 11th.

If you wanna gauge other’s headspace, just text them and let it flow. You’ll be on a tidal wave of learning if it’s with a Millennial.

Good vibes or karma?

I shared this photo on all of my social media, a comedic undertone that shows I’m comfortable poking fun at myself.

There is a lotta truth to what I write

I find the older I get, the less I like “selfies” … but it was a momentous day! READ MORE: on ⁦@wordpressdotcom⁩ #Calgary #Blogger #yyc #MotivationMonday #BLOGher on @Pinterest

Obviously, my title was questionable as to whether today’s musings would be optimistic or serious.

It’s a little of both.

Do you want to hear the bad news first or the good news? If you’re like me: hear the bad news first then hope to heaven that the favourable news dims or diminishes the negative.

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