A painting fool

Art therapy rocks

I started with colouring books, about 3 years ago. In fact, I wrote about how colouring was the next big thing on http://www.blogspot.optioneerjm.com and within 6 months, they were everywhere!

It has been my salvation and then evolved into a whimsical pursuit.

Noses trip me up the most and I fuss over the eyes.

A fashionista in the painting

Creation through painting allows me to explore my inner fashionista. There are surprises along the way. Especially when I recognize someone I know appearing–symbolic renderings of people I’ve known.

I see Noelle here. A member of my Toastmasters group where I spent many Monday noon luncheons honing my public speaking skills with a team of talented folks.

Noelle went on to professional sales training: her speaking finessed in our tribe of supporters, cheerleaders supporting her adventures about to unfold.

I see a bit of Craig in Millennial Mark. Craig became a member of our group, took a turn as Treasurer when I was club President. He’s now tearing up the world speaking as a networking guru.

I don’t know who will appear when I paint. I suppose there’s a little bit of everyone lingering on the top of the brushes, waiting to emerge.

Pinterest is my virtual filing cabinet.

What started as a form of stress relief has evolved into a relaxing respite from all the things crowding my restless mind.

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