Spring is hopeful as blooms bud and grass needs to be cut

Remember these? Just reading the instructions served as a reminder that it’s the tiny thousands of thing we CAN DO that can impact climate change!

READ MORE: http://www.optioneerjm.com > @Wordpress >> say hello if YOU DO subscribe > sharing life as a caregiver to a brain injured man from a wife and partner. There are still many bright spots we share. Now that it’s spring, being outdoors is something we do together: a strong sign we’re not as muscled as we were before. It’s a two-man job. Just a saying and no bias intended on gender or who you love.


As we grow older, gardening becomes a 2-person affair. Otherwise, with speed and execution your aging 50-plus parents and loved ones start to slow down.

Take this bag for example.

An emblem to how my city, Calgary, is trying to lead the way. Our mayor is unique ( as first Muslim mayor in North America > need to fact check?)

I don’t even remember when we got these bags, as the purging and cleaning diva I’ve transformed into. When your kids comment on how clean your place is, you know it’s coming along.

They were in our pantry. Our green bin for composting full from clearing the flower beds and pruning lilac tree branches back ferociously to hack it back to a more reasonable shape (or not poke an eye out).

Now that we’re on our own, we don’t have our youngest hosting her entourage of friends. The need to bother with those thoughts since everyone’s left home has evaporated.

Our dog is our security system

As his need to defend and protect has escalated after Oscar found a new home with a little girl who’s six. Buddy has added responsibly since it’s back down to one pooch, less alarms of barking set off bouncing between them. That plus I’m known to give him a command to “take care of Papa” when I run to the store.

Getting out of the house means being UBERalways on 24×7 command. Rob was quieter and thought deeply before he spoke, has become his ulter ego: ME!

He’s so bossy now, his favourite repertoire is “I’ll kick some ass ….. or I’ll kick your ass if he sniffs any disagreement.

The break I get is an hour or so after I drop him off, usually early, Starbucks’ Empress Mist ….

Add a health affliction or recovery mode, decreases by at least 50 percent minimum. The surviving partner is catapulted into “Caregiver” status.

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