You can be fearless when quality is your guide

Before we had a flood in our basement, I had set up a quirky studio. In the background, is my daughter’s who graduate ceremony from The University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Top of her Class, multiple Dean’s list winner. I’m a proud mother.

As long as you are committed to quality in your life

you have a natural instinct and wisdom to help navigate

social media and life online.

~ Jeannette Marshall

Stop dilly dallying and making excuses as to why you aren’t online.


Taking you back to that first day of Kindergarten, embarking on solitude

in its finest form. Innocent. No expectations.

Only fears.

Of the unknown.

Have an idea or purpose of what you want to gain by going online — I’m not talking about scrolling through your smartphone or tablet, I’m talking about sitting in front of your computer, pointing your mouse and clicking it – telling it what to do and where to go.

The worst that can happen is your travels are being recorded somehow and somewhere.

If you use a general email mail box like Hotmail (MicroSoft) or GMail (Google), etc. you’ve already agreed to let them capture your details (aka data) for no other purpose, without malicious intent, to get familiar with your likes and dislikes, where you wander most or what you do online – read, play games, read friends’ posts on a social network?

While there’s a reason to be alarmed, we have to be realistically forewarned: not relying on the media to get this sort of news — its usually too late by then.

There are malicious email attacks, corporate networks attacks, network crashes, security breaches, just at your work site alone. Many company IT grips in a way that disallows you from even being on Facebook or Twitter and the more vigilant won’t even allow you to check your personal email. If you send yourself something from this offsite email – it will be flagged, likely, and more concerned with anything going out.

When you’re surfing online, your service provider is at your mercy. As a consumer, you DO have a lot of CLOUT! Just like out on the streets, the topic of popular, positive reputations flourish and those that are lost to afflictions of destructive kinds are less known. So is your journey online.

GI GO (pronounced G.I. Joe)

Garbage in

Garbage out

The best life principle to have.

~Jeannette Marshall

I wrote the other day: to be a raving fan. Be known for your positive support as a starting point. People will remember you even better, even if they’re on your mutual followers’ lists, if you comment on something they post, or tweet, or share.

It is an elementary step in your learning.

Connect and engage: you’ve heard it I imagine quite a number of times. What that means is – reply, re-share with a comment before you re-share. It can go a long way in allowing people to remember you.

Don’t become frustrated if people you don’t follow you back.

Rate the importance of your follow: would they provide quality: learn something from, become more aware, enjoyment — then don’t worry if they don’t follow you back.

If you share something with a comment, it will likely come into their sphere. An online savvy person knows who’s buttering their bread, if they’re as smart as they portray to be, they read their stats, understand the data that all the sites give away for free. i.e. where your followers are from, whether they’re educated, own their own home, household income, even some tell you their buying habits.

Start out with a site like I’ve said before: Linked In because it is by far the least spookiest out there. Connecting with colleagues, former colleagues or classmates is the primary goal (or what else would it be). As your following increases, your name can float out who else is connected with you that mutually follows you both. That says a lot about you based on who they may be.

For those ready to panic. Don’t freak out. Unless someone is approved by you as a follower, nobody can access your information. Under settings, you can determine what public information you want to appear.

Remember this important advice: do not share your contacts list with anyone other than yourself – guard it like it were the greatest TREASURE.

You won’t be able to be recognized for quality unless you are protective of your followers because it essentially means they trust you with telling you who they are.

Don’t send a mass email with all your contacts in it.

That’s both really lazy and defeats the purpose of Linked In – TO CONNECT.

You’re not connecting if you sending group emails and have pat answers.

You’re not going to be memorable either – except in a very bad light.

Many people will automatically delete you without any forewarning if they find they are included in a group email — where the originator is disclosing your persona with others without your permission.

It’s a dumb move.

Try commenting on one of your contacts or whom you follow. It could open a door if you have an invitation to connect pending? A little blip that you are out there, ready to become memorable in the value you help others with. OR, you share a common goal: to be surrounded by talented people, joined virtually to add value to each other.


Superb insights – thank you Chris!  

Being “battle ready” indeed is an outlook one has to master, whether it be sales or looking for one’s next career step in fulfilling their dream.

I look at it as searching for my “purpose” on this earth.
Good on you that were able to blend your passion with pursuit in success combined.

There are a lot of new grads from University, my daughter for one.
The best gift I can give her is sending her this link so that she may follow you.

I had been thinking lately that there are a lot of very strong young women
coming out of the ranks.  15 years ago, I was reading how 60% of university 
enrollment were from girls — it was an article somewhere citing examples of how
under talented we Canadians are in the trades, that a carpenter or electrician can
make more than a lawyer starting out, with the ability to eventually own their own
business because the possibility exists.

I’ll have to write more, as I’m getting carried away — that’s enthusiasm for such a
talented example — a Calgarian NO LESS -> you should connect with @NaheedNenshi on all fronts (personal recommendation based on my own positive experience being connected on Linked In for quite a number of years).

READ MORE: on @Wordpress


Jeannette has written on her blog:  Optioneerjm/ on sales for over 10 years, has over 20,000+ valuable followers = quality over quantity evangelist

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