Become a raving fan

There’s nothing between your mind and your computer keys except air.

Share your ideas

Share your likes

Share your raves

~ Jeannette Marshall



Think of it this way: your opinion only has value to yourself.

When people surf online, connected on the internet, they may be distracted on the web. They’re less likely or rarely going to their email first, unless a vague correspondence pattern puts you in anticipating mode.

People are still likely to go to a social network as the first destination after logging on. >> most in the 60+ age group have never reviewed their privacy settings since they felt the lotto after step by step with insecurity over tech-know-how.

Look, read with abandon

while you follow “the mom rule” aka would it past the mom test? As in, would you be embarrassed or ashamed or in trouble if your mom was sitting beside you and watching your monitor? If you say NO then refrain from exchanges or clicks that would meet with disproval. Moms have memory the same as an elephants with 2 years for an elephant to a mother with only 9 months to bring about your miraculous birth.

I appreciate Word Press more and more. I’m thrilled with the talented & unique creativity vibe.

I was reminding myself that support and raves are more meaningful to give and receive if you drift into each other’s sphere. That you can champion other’s talent without reprisal. I started to include links in the comment section ~ why not advertise you’re a fan? The worse that can happen is someone else following you because of that vibe.

What splendid #art ~ superb mood with aesthetically pleasing colours and tones > ESPECIALLY the mustard yellow warmth with the delicate black = #A+Mazing —if you’re on Pinterest reach out so I can follow you back and save your work to my ArtistShowcase board! BRAVO > I’m @optioneerJM > Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest > BLOGher: < @WordPress

Comments are valued

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