Queen of my Domain

Acrylics on foam core - please do not share without credit and Tweet @optioneerJM for reposting permission- subscriber of YUPPYdom as www.optioneerjm.com
Jeannette Marshall Original Art
It’s a great thing I don’t sleep with my phone! Apparently my two daughters, FaceTime-ing with their beaus, tried to reach me at what I’d consider “early morning” (any time before noon).
I look awful in the morning ~ I taught them both by imparting wisdom on the perspective of boys, of the word for young men: get a sense of what his gal will look like in 30 years: look at the Mom ~ how well has she held up and whether the years show. I’m so chatty you are both safe because none of u gals got that gene!

If u guys would watch the MARVELLOUS MRS MAZELLE ON PRIME — we can chat about it ~she’s winning all the awards! It’s all based on the years before I was born, leading up to the 60s. It would be a great conversation starter.

That text, is really emphasizing the best way to communicate with your Millennial adult children is by using technology —
My first tip on that would be sure you have an unlimited texting plan in your subscription with your wireless provider services, which will save you loads of cash over talking on the phone where we’re still under a cash grab of telecommunications service companies who are really just simply selling AIR!

Lots of parents of Millennial have caught on to the magic of @Apple FaceTime — where you communicate with your home internet, these days called WIFI connection which saves you heaps of your retirement– don’t make the mistake of answering a FaceTime call if it comes in while you’re at the grocery store!! Never EVER!! That’s because that built in APP on only Apple’s iPhone or iPad families.

Case in point, my 83-year-old mother lets my younger brother be her technical advisor (the one who calls me a techie). He gets her into a Samsung while all her children and grandchildren have iPhones! She loves it when my youngest daughter puts us in a 3way phone call. Imagine, if she could FaceTime with both my sister and I together or her grandchildren, specifically granddaughters.

I digressed, as I often do. It looks like I may have wisdom to impart to aging Yuppies!
I am loving the LOVE and receptivity this blog has been getting~the numbers are jumping and I’m virtual doing a happy dance.

To give back more, I’d like to launch an official SUNDAE SUNDAY chat hour open to all ages, genders and relationships dynamics : only rules be kind and respectful … I will moderate and capture conversation for posting on YUPPYdom – a @WordPress site as optioneerJM.com #BRANDED as #Yuppydom

Just set yourself up on Twitter and join in the conversation: once you’re logged on and follow the conversation by clicking on the hashtag #SundaeSunday at 7pm MST or 9pm EST or or 6pm PST. Also, invite your friends if you think they’d like to participate. Think of a Book Club except we’ll be talking in reference to a SERIES called THE MARVELLOUS MRS MAZEL (sp?) on +Amazon PRIME.

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