Do you love garden ZING?

Green Thumb

Okay, so you don’t consider your self a foodie: I wouldn’t of thought that of myself either.

I recall about 8 years, a fellow who was on my sphere as an early adopter of social media, all of sudden seemed to be posting half eaten plates of sandwiches.

Note to self

up his name.

I would recognize

him as being the

first “Foodie”. The

original Foodmaster.

Or maestro of good eats.

It was @MayhemStudios.

I do remember being a little grossed out. Now it occurs-to me: when he traveled selling his wares ( from Port Knowledge) about what we call the accepted term nowadays as wise and enterprising. A risk taker or visionary like Sean Knight ( still travels the globe as an Ambassador of social media.

But because of Mayhem* I signed up for Instagram. Fast forward 10 years, I’m turning into a “Foodie”.

Is Foodie always

capitalized like a

Professor or a

Doctor Someone?

Or is it finally a noun

in the dictionary?

Will write more ….

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