Gardening: a zest for life

Gardening with our faithful sidekick Buddy >> note the guard dog warning >>

A dog: the best alarm system and security combined. Buddy, the Border Collie, also came and got me when Rob had his aneurysm.

Of late, when I go upstairs to shower I have him lay on the floor beside Rob, who sleeps a lot, and command Buddy to protect “Papa Bear” canine code name for THE master. His bark is deep enough as warning to any potential threat, many a delivery person looked terrified when the door finally opened and they could picture snarling teeth (if the warning in the window is a heads up) as they listened to the exchange by me and our protector, told to go to his kennel: my way of saying: time out, I don’t like how you’re behaving or misbehaving. He gets a signal of approval by my scratch deep in fluffy fur to let him know I understand he’s just doing his job.

Not being a dog, I have to interpret his posture what mode he’s in.

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