Where does imagination and insanity differ?

In both instances

they are removed from reality.

Unable to sleep. Wandering around online, reading. Sending comments back. Writing via a blog. A real expression of who I want to be after deep reflection of who I may be perceived to be. That tests the theory that you become who you think others expect you to be, or you test the theory that if you try to go as opposite, and as independent as hurricane winds can blow your force of trailblazing and creating your own universe. Without my interference.

I got a lot of warm wishes from my tribe on LinkedIn, where I was in virgin territory in 2010 when I jumped on board the professional network for those in the know and more importantly: know how.

They encouraged me to write.

They uncorked me

challenging me to explore and learn

more as age is refining me, or

chizzling me down to reality from

personal going ons. I’ve refrained from

frank discussion or expression of what’s

been going on.

Thank you for the warm wishes.  Great ensemble of talented professionals — many from a while now – appreciate the support.  

While I’ve been home full time for the past year, since Rob had his brain aneurysm a year ago, after being in the hospital for 4 months.  Recovery meant surviving from ICU into recovery with superb care every step of the way by the Foothills Medical Center’s team of medical magicians.  

This turned me into a primary caregiver to my husband of 13 years, which makes me sound much younger in years.  The bad luck happened in 2018, right after we watched Virtue & Scott win the gold medal in pairs ice dancing at the Olympics, he suffered a brain aneurysm which was hemorrhaging the whole time I found him, called 9-1-1 raced to the south hospital who immediately reacted and likely within 20 minutes, had advised that he was going up north to a facility that had some of the world’s best care of medical brilliance for that very thing.WILL BLOG MORE ON http://www.optioneerjm.com

 I went to GO FUND ME this evening.  

BUT THE PRIVACY WORDING scared the crap outta me so I came and distracted myself by writing and writing some more.

Thanks again,



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