The head knows what the heart shows

I wrote this on LinkedIn a few minutes ago and realized that it captures the vibe I want to thump out there is to inspire others, recognize talent.

So here, I am stretching my writing to test my theory about sharing wisdom. There are many whom wished they had their mothers, still with them. I dedicate this to you.

Looking for a job

is the loneliest trail

you’ve ever been on.

A job is when

a career

seems distant.

Bravado turns into

despair alone.

Confidence is

flushed out

in a tidal wave

of fear.

The difference between

need and want

stretch farther and

farther apart.

So if I get a job which becomes a career it’s a win-win for everyone to cheer.

~Jeannette Marshall

“Job” Seeker & Blogger @optioneerjm

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