These social media times

The orchestration of Facebook

If you pay close attention to the ride you can be about to go on.

“Facebook’s attempting to restore its reputation by promoting those who stayed loyal, didn’t jump ship over diversity and brand damage they had knowingly exposed its members to shoddy security that destroyed T-R-U-S-T with its membership.

Social media is merely a club.

The players and providers are starting to play high jinx with their power: using the data accumulated into predictive analytics.

It is about the numbers.

BUT the numbers dance with personality, creating a likely to be clicked category.

Where are the Oscars of social media?

One area celebrates online (TheWebbies”) >> hafta delve into as reminder what it’s for.

Who makes a difference in your everyday life > online or offline AKA also known as IRL for in real life.


To tell stories, create ideas and collaborate with THE BEST talented pros with immaculate-reputations to bring the best tribe together as a humble member, with strong opinions uniquely my own

My tribe shuffle past my imperfections and celebrate my accomplishments > stepping outside my comfort zone and to be the best version of me.

–Jeannette Marshall


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