Social media is basically a matter of loyalty and advocacy

Pure transparency

is the most critical criteria that builds TRUST; trust begets LOYALTY; loyalty evolves as ADVOCACY. DO YOU understand the value based on demographics and speak to one, at a time ~ AKA [Also Known As] target marketing instead of mass mktg

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Photo & Content by Jeannette Marshall

What your words convey

begets perception.

What are you saying?

Jeannette Marshall


It has occurred to me that so many of the world”s woe would be mended and solved into a peaceful Utopia of world reviving the sun and our major offtime is shrouded in darkness, probably fine for the fewer nocturnal humans – if we stopped “if” or “either” “or” one or the other of just about anything.Brilliance would abound if companies stopped either your the doers or the workerBees.I’ll show a third component strongly urged to consider: remove the worst factor in most employees’ minds: to fall onto either heep where the “either” is the most repulsive to you xx you never hear the good news first in an either or situation. Thinks about it as you take a few deep breaths: I am just guessing without any evidence, just instinct with logic stealing my course.I reported to an executive once who’s favourite directive, delivered with flourish would say: “Stay the course!”In the end meaning either you produce OR perish was the sizzle amongst all that steak where you were a workerBEE or you are a DOer.Looking back now, I’ve had this attraction to reading my RECOMMENDATIONS on +LinkedIn when I’m going through turbulent waters whether Work or Personal life. One of my former colleague wrote one for me stating that I “stay the course” just now realizing it.In general, in life there are the matches by culture, upbringing, beliefs of multitude categories and sub sections which spread out as waves upon the ocean making it infinitely more possible that no two opinions match, merely bounced off one and another of either conflict or harmony.Taking this as a hypothetical example, either seem to be in a state of either conflict or chaos with the longing for harmony. By bringing in a third element infused with technology you are more likely to thrive.I’ve bounced from a DOer to a workerBEE and fell into a cultural shock. Not really too bad unless you’ve acted like a queen before the high/nose dive into the pit.Injecting a hyper performer amongst coasters or followers can create havoc.

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