The robotics threat? Or not?

Watching the HBO documentary on robotics ] INSERT LINK HERE UPON COMPENSATION [ is quite eye opening.

Robots are just not here

They’re complicating our world in a way by making things too easy.

I’ve been banging the drum for the past couple of weeks: words WILL become currency.

Humans are survivors

and tend to unite together just like The Game of Thrones Final Season teaches us that we’re stronger together, than warring apart.

My heart rate sped up when it zeroed in on numbers

describing how police forces are run by numbers and long haul trucking burning out by GPS+numbers+stats.

Robots can’t replace us because the closest they come to creating unique ideas is being driven by numbers.

Humans are already burnt out by numbers.

Judging from human nature, never satisfied until they explode after pushed beyond even robotic standards.

Man is never satisfied, yet often pushed by a good woman.

Getting more than you even attempt to give back is one concept a robot would never understand.

Humans failed at being robotics because we can’t be stifled our creative thoughts.

I think man is universal name for as in HUman, not divisible by gender, culture, loves, or humility or power.

We love the stories where man overcomes gigantic quantifiable odds or villain.

The greatest stories and epic tales intertwine mans seemingly insurmountable optics of conquering

Not the conquered

because man has faced many threats together, with the unlikeliest drawing arms together despite near defeat.

Robots cannot generate singularity unique thought put into words like man can.

We’ve proven we love the stories when battles are won against the threatening enemy.

Of force

of nature

or each other. Man can draw together under one powerful thought:


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