A prompt story

WordPress is a tribe of writers and bloggers, gathered under the vibe of cheerleaders who assemble while testing the waters in a creative force.

Unlike the social media storm of narcissistic competition, a group of instigators, innovators and experimenters gather to click the keys of letters to form reflections, wisdom or opinions to share.

Never one to shrug a challenge to step beyond comfort I came across a form of unified writing where a prompt given for others to write under this guise of creativity, I gave in to the temptation:

Prompt A (Genre challenge): Fantasy of Manners (more info)

Prompt B (Story Starter): “I saw that first.”

Prompt C (photo):

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


looked at her reflection in the mirror.

She couldn’t decide whether time had been good to her or not. These days, the beauty standard had fallen several notches below her.

“I suppose I’m not so bad, compared to …. “”

Her thoughts were interrupted at the opening of the plush ladies restroom door amid a sudden interruption to the peaceful muted music to the background.

In stomped two suspects of her thoughts: 20 something starlets of YouTube fame. Flicking their locks (hair extensions exquisitely hid) pouty lips and frowning scowls (that will turn into wrinkles before the knife cuts) with pushed up melons meant to accentuate the still unpaid for Breast Implants).

Startled from her reflections one of the divas burped so loudly she invisibly jumped.

They both burst into uncontrolled laughter, giggles and snorts (perfected by hours of practice from live video posts). Like the Siamese twins from Disney characters from The Lady and the Tramp they slid their eyes over to see if she’d noticed.

Her eyes may have flickered but the eyebrows remained horizontal (from years of practice from chronicled life events on photographs) keeping poised and the appearance of calm.

She mentally scrambled to exit the crystal ballroom of bathrooms, nearly tripping from the unaccustomed stilettos sunk deep into the pillow like carpet, nearly sending her for a toss.

She stumbled indescribably

recovering gracefully (9.6 worthy from her younger period of ice skating) before floating out the door leaving behind new snickers as the swoosh of the door closed.

She may have blinked twice before touching her lips

she had remembered to refresh.

Taking a moment to take a deep breath she noticed dozens of eyes follow her path.

Ah, Charles, the ever faithful sidekick (or what he calls slave) — the assistant in miracles .. the one who helps in so many ways.”, stepped forward, beaming:

“The young ladies have arrived. They just went to check in their coats, grab a glass of wine, or whatever princess do. I think I see them.

Now turn around and give us all one of your knockout greeting smiles!

But first… here please … we’d like two of those.

You must try these scrumptious salmon before they get here!

With all the planning and polishing for the event, she hadn’t realized she was famished.

She help herself to two, wrapping them carefully within a napkin before stuffing into her Gucci purse (the real deal, with matching wallet-never a knockoff).

“Ahhhhh Chantal and Desiree, so happy to see you! (Air kisses and half hugs publicly displayed). Your timing is perfect as are you two.

Jeannette stopped her eyebrows from rising with astonishment that it was the two gals from the loo!

It is my pleasure and honour to introduce the founder and owner, Jeannette. And these two lovely young ladies are the selected recipients of your gracious award to mentor as part of their prize winnings….”

While their mouths dropped into gaping, the rouge on their cheeks spread, Jeannette fished out the salmon appetizers, unrolled the napkin gracefully held out to them and said:

Perfect timing is right, Charles. Here, ladies, I saved you each one”

Prompt A (Genre challenge): Fantasy of Manners (more info)

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