Just get in the groove

Don’t set up a Twitter account with your real name. You can just set up a gmail account >> you want to anyways because I’m guessing our super talented think tanks like Google — Apple — Facebook — LinkedIn — Twitter << all are tripping over each other to keep you dancing with them.

The next evolution of online behavioural influences is going to be all sorts of wise, innovative trendsetters will be identified more easily. Good heavens, if you have an exceptional brand online, you will soon be given free products to try and review on Amazon or your blog.

Some of the melodies on how this will be played out is the chorus of many invalidated legitimate quality person, product or service.

Credibility will be built based on your one identity >> your unique name and identifiable brand >> which you will begin to wander into this strange new world.

Yes, I’m scattered in all that I write. Eventually it may flow together. Now it’s a matter of getting ideas all down before they’re replaced by new ones.

Only for about a week or so, I started to read The Bible. Rob saw me doing that and asked me why I was reading it?

My reply along the line of to understand. Then I added that it was like meditating.

I can see how the rollercoaster ride of madness from being thrown into full time caregiver role to my husband, whom I just adore. The guy with the broad shoulders has withered somewhat, and so would anyone serving as testament of how Canadian university The University of Calgary leads the world in neurosurgery for brain aneurysm, performed miracles with The Foothills Hospital Medical Centre — one of the worlds greatest standard for hospital/university/research centres here in Calgary. >> I’ve thought of starting a GOFUNDME in Robs name with half proceeds to be donated as a research grant.

Trust me. Follow my steps.

I will hold your hand and help you maneuver, glide into and float around on social media, to take the boogie man/woman away.

Follow me on Twitter: @optioneerJM for tips and tricks to do the dance to the boogiewoogie 80s nights.

I was tagged in a group with 5 others on Twitter — it can be a comment, a comment on someone else’s commented (yes it gets convoluted and needs your rapt attention).

I replied to everyone and shared tips, added a GIF and started the new hashtag #VibeTribe:

@Ladyw_IronRing #TribeVibe Tag UR it! Then #RT|comment [click on Retweet then *select with comment or reply] type in #TribeVibe hashtag w ur name+moi @OptioneerJM + ur tagged tribe without maxing out 140 ch #SocialMedia + have F-U-N > learn as you go+add ur own GIF>1/2

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