What’s so different now?

You keep

keeping on and on.

I can’t say I’ve never been

down so far before.

I do remember being so fearful of losing my house 15 years ago and how terrified I’d become of losing it.

The then ex thru every curve ball, including threatening to take a job at McDonalds at a third the salary [my lawyers’ response: that’s been tried before, that’s why you have to provide the last 5 years financials, investments, companies, shareholdership or partnership (including ownership or consulting, employment history, or income of any kind, including the sale of any assets, of any kind including collections or bequeathed to anyone.

AHEM catch your breath

Swing into social media, dip your toes to the gooey slime or gel depends on where you hang out and with whom becomes your online tribe.

Remember the possibilities are endless ….

You control your brand and reputation.

Engagement is simple

using your good manners distinguish authenticates a positive vibe.

Where the possibilities are endless.

The universe accepts your vibe.

Treat it gently.

It creates your vibe,

attracting others

dancing to the same beat of positivity

My Tweet to a new follower on @Twitter who has over 300,000 followers aka tribespeople::

@JirocaMusic what a #great vibe U have happening! P.S. The #HunksterHubster put @woodstockfest onTV!

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