PAYING IT FORWARD: It’s better to be YOU in your reputation management before it’s somebody else.

The remarkable things start to happen when you finally jump on in.

Trust me, put on @ProcolHarem Paler Shade, and read along with me.

Don’t fret if you’re fearful of the great big void of the unknown. We’ve all been there at various times.

The greatest thing I’ve learned to the core enough to say know of, now, more than ever you folks have to jump in and take control of your online reputation under your unique #DNA brand.

The tribes are forming broadly, unified under the umbrella vibe. Some are already achievers, others past career prime (or so many silly goofs think it is past ones forties).

Some represent a gender, identity, product or service but the equalizer is THE #brand baby. That’s where a person or a product or a thing or an interest or an interest or a demographic (divided into where you live, predict what you’ll buy with little encouragement, then distribution revenue channels to identified brands experts based on a mass vast inclusion algorithms to land gently on their laps, where time to market exceeds everything else, error free, anticipated numbers directly to manufacturers run by AI networks built to host multiple brands evolved from the best of the best into multiple personalities.

I’m still pondering that question, two weeks ago: how come I haven’t monetized my own brand? Not unlike a mechanic, I’m the last person to work on my stuff, as in creating a post sometimes, paint something, write something. When things go really bad I really buckle under.

Being online is an escape of sorts from reality.

Keeping track of your outward projection with hands on clicks is a real lesson.

Even if I hate to admit it, The Donald Trump (as a non American I am free to identify him only as I’ve begun to watch him grow: from a successful television realty show that taught millions what they’d learn in an Ivy League MBA.

He has complete control of his online messaging: there is rarely any question of its authenticity because it is often with raised eyebrows, shrugging shoulders, non grinning but never sorry demeanour.

A buffoon or master manipulator?

If the talented, innovative genuine vibe keep climbing among tribes of believers of the #MEgeneration.

Here’s a response I wrote on my Contact from LinkedIn whom I have never met, accomplishing great things.

What #FAN-tastic NEWS!

What I find so #A+mazing about the NEWS for my #gal-in-arms pal from LinkedIn : where early adopters of the power of #socialnetworking have gone on to GREAT things exceeding our best #tribe of professional pros … @PeaceMitchell Is keeping the drums going: the beat of the #MEgeneration #MEgeneration [while watching @HBOCanada @RocknRollHallofFame and listening to the incredible new talent along with the #MEgeneration musical genius of when I was 15 to 18 with @TheCars @DireStraits @Chicago … and we thought life was hard back then? ] READmore with @Wordpress where I’m swaying between brand baskets do I want my baby to go all in on [ …. I see a new #MEgeneration emerging by a blend of the passé #MEtoo movement (having worn out a very real problem as I read today that @HarvyWeinstein trial pushed back to September…… how many innocents unrepresented are being influenced by the social media noise and clubs.

Peace Mitchell is living up to her name and potential being pushed upward based on her poised, confident and driven to excel in every move in her life to “Make the World a Better Place” by building your unique presence blended well with the movers and shakers on line. Web, YouTube, SocialMedia branded online ..for WOMEN voices

What I posted on Facebook:

I’ve finally decided to go all in under with WordPress, experiment more with Google’s Blogspots OptioneerJM & meanderingsABOUT and then keep working Facebook and Instagram.

By expanding my reach with several various algorithms mining my data, now send me feeds, recommendations that add even more value to my online identity.

Create conversations online

Don’t worry if you make the approach to someone online.
Train your behaviour with manners, politeness and addressing permissions.


Campaign tonight:

Don’t worry about feeling like self-promotion or bragging or worry about labels like #sociopath if you’re online.

Better to be you than somebody else

I’ve started a new bandwagon on my blog here: [with WordPress power] for reposting on my neglected http://www.blogspot\

You only have

ONE authentic identity:

Own it, control it, secure it.

__ O N L I N E __

It’s pro privacy interactions

safely. A language that uses

words as it’s secret power.

“Like we were forewarned in my earliest blogpost with a futuristic premonition that social media was going to eliminate email by 2014 ~ backfield in the brain, ready to come in as a pinch hitter of relevancy in the moment is a talent and a gift.

I found an APP on the APPLE store (will provide link to your site for advertising royalty paid to moi) >> where I can merge myself or my artwork into their APP that creates an array of fun images you import your pic into and voila!

Create your own images and artwork.

There comes a time when the early adopters for social media gloried in being a key voice in expelling wisdom and advice, distinguished as such become drowned out by ongoing distractions or endless void.

Comments are valued

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