Linked In is a must to create an online identity

LinkedIn provides value for those willing to leverage its machines, algorithms and intelligence.

WOW 43 birthday wishes from my LinkedIn tribe! Thank YOU!
Linked In is certainly leveraging its technology and gathering intelligence with its active members—providing value and making it easier to use. I think it is wise to do the dance with LI’s lead to expand one’s network by feeding relevant posts to share that resonate with the audience of one.
OGILVY ON ADVERTISING was THE first business book I read in my teens, about to embark on leaving home to go to college. It is A MUST READ for anyone willing to learn about target marketing and creating content that appeal to ONE … that then snowballs into creating conversations with a tribe online.

The goal:

make your brand memorable!

Following the age old principles of OGILVY is a must if you want to stand out from the noise and clutter everywhere.
I stay principled in responding to messages, creating conversations (acknowledging posts and comments) and have my website blog fuelled by WordPress AND @optioneerjm from Twitter linked on my LI profile to enable my tribe to continue the connections, and create relevant conversations that promote clicks of over 1 million impressions per month.

I like to help my tribe win!

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