Don’t just like or send thumbs up: be engaged

LinkedIn makes it idiot proof and easy to engage with your co-conspirators, otherwise known as followers– all you have to do is pick the response, pick an image or a GIF to send back.

Don’t be lazy

If you sign up for LinkedIn, or anywhere, don’t just lurk in the background and read the content that LinkedIn gives you. Granted they’re working on finding even more content for you to find value with based on what you read: aka where and what you click on.

You don’t have to do anything

That’s your personal prerogative and choice.

Don’t sell yourself short

Linked In and all the other platforms want to help you: they want you to click more, follow more … they also want you to leap on board by commenting, sharing with your crowd, provide value to your tribe.

Don’t let PRIVACY give you the excuse to take a back seat.

Think of them as providing a service that makes them money eventually when they can show a stellar audience of intelligent, successfully employed, educated people: that’s their value proposition.

Trust is part of the currency.

It is where they stake a lot on. If you can’t or won’t trust them, you’re likely to remove yourself from their platform. At least, don’t engage. That is where you miss the mark.

Privacy is within your control.

You don’t have to mutually follow back anyone you don’t want to. You control what personal details are shared. If you don’t follow back, they can’t message you, see what you comment on, post, or share.

Block, mute, unfollow

those that you don’t trust, don’t know well enough, or those that need to earn your trust. It’s always in your grasp to prevent communication from anyone who doesn’t provide value.

Go “ALL IN” or don’t bother

leverage the algorithms and intelligence at your disposal.


where you hang out online.

Be savvy

read the small print, examine your following, understand the value that is being given to you. Decipher from the numbers (stats) what interests your following. Navigate your reputation accordingly.


from others: what they do, what makes you want to click. What the numbers show you can be different than what you believe, providing a road map on areas you can expand. It encourages you to learn more. It separates fiction from clear facts. It guides you.


what you have found valuable. It is highly likely that those who follow you will benefit as well. It shows what appeals to you, where you learn the best from.


when and where you are inspired. That shows that you are ENGAGED. It demonstrates your own expertise and experience.


is when you interact with others online.

Sure, go ahead and take baby steps if you must. You’re smart enough to figure out who provides value by knowing them.

Commenting on Groups in LinkedIn inspired me to start writing a blog. Watching the numbers, observing where people are from, confirming whether they’re your tribe or an opportunity showed me what to write more about.

I graduated to – a site that is based on asking questions and providing answers. Not always business based either. Advice on parenting, relationships, etc, etcetera, etc.


Regardless whether you’re a student or a CEO, you should have a direct hand on building your online brand. Don’t let the @realdonaldtrump of the world prevent you from taking charge.

Your opinion

matters wherever on whatever. You can INFLUENCE reputations when disserved, promote great stuff by your opinions. You provide value that allows others to improve. You guide others from making the same mistakes.

Use the tools

at your disposal. Start with the minimum, then proceed to adopt the effective habits that gain your own trust, value, knowledge for others to gain from.


your responses. Take what is offered and expand.


As I leveraged and engaged more on LinkedIn, I was rewarded by offers to bring value to others


Be curious.

For example Linked In invited me to provide career advice to those seeking it. I now respond, personalizing my message, leveraging that to expand my own audience and tribe:

Hi Sophia, Excited to be connected with you on the Career Advice product. Would love to understand more about your background and how I can help. (LinkedIn invited me to lend career advice to help others — VOILA! Here I am!)

Please feel free to let me know how I can help.

I’m an advocate of social networking and look forward to connecting on the other platforms under my identity of @optioneerJM and where I blog on WordPress and http://www.blogspot\

Best wishes,


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