DNA tests are a big rip off

Besides getting my results from submitting my saliva over a year ago taking a ridiculous long turn around time, there were no great discoveries where snippets had that already were known, it’s a scam that tries to suck you into buying anything more.

The proverbial bate and switch: one of my greatest pet peeves.

If I want to know more before the dangled carrot, I have to agree to a free trial by submitting my credit card details.

AncestryDNA has done nothing to earn my personal information.

What they shared with me was information available from any public records: birth certificate, death notices from newspapers or census’s details any Canadian knows it law that we be accounted for.

I sent the following to my surviving siblings: (with full names edited out):

I got my DNA results back today Grandparents Annie & Donald *** marriage certificate from 1919 – Annie**** born in England was 43 and Donald **** was 41: that’s the biggest scandal: that was their age when Dad was born and she was the older woman; he died in 1965 in New Westminster BC

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