One message at a time on Linked In

Most people will forage into social media or social networking with a lead in with Linked In, and Ill tell you why that’s a good thing:

  1. You sign up with your professional, primary account. That translate to being behind your company or organization or government or educational or institutional infrastructure– that means safety, security, firewalls and protections. I know what I speak as I worked for HP and built enterprises servers leveraging a resource team of technical pros. That’s long before the APPS | Applications like MicroSoft | Software Integration | Security Firewalls Passwords Permission Levels.
  2. You control who you are associated with, affiliated with, networked with and Linked In protects that as one of its top offerings: the ability to transparently interact with others.
  3. Linked In starts and ends with business networking as its primary business value. To promote that, they earn its users trust.
  4. Your personal details like birthdate,marital, telephone or address is ONLY displayed if you have your settings preferences entered.
  5. Linked In has always promoted social affiliation where you can link it with Twitter and display your website.

Do the dance. Play by the guidelines.

You will become immersed in this world of value, knowledge, impacting friendships created by the virtual world.

Be authentic.

Take responsibility for your own voice.

Connect and Engage

Means be responsive towards other regardless of income or education or station.

A World where everyone starts equal

Your voice becomes your equalizer. Expressed with words begets power used wisely and to the betterment of others.

I wrote this message on Linked In

Janet, thanks for connecting! Hope you’re doing well. You’ll note I commented on your LI post. I think we’ll add great value once we collaborate on common ground … I hope you will follow my WordPress blog and connect on all the platforms @optioneerjm” my online identity and experiment creating my own brand @optioneerjm … If you tag me, I’ll do my best to reshare retweet #RT hashtags too — I’m a big believer in surrounding myself with talented people trying to make the online world or offline — a better place & world.

You can read my bio on Linked In, of course. The following is me in a nutshell. I’ve sold and led some of the biggest projects through hardware (HP|XEROX) digital services ( HP, XEROX, wireless & digital printing, security printing, confidently print IKON, pioneered election signage printing and marketing edge).

Led and managed Enterprise servers delivery concurrently for security enabled entities/governments, insurance, financial institutions including The Bank of Canada to meet their high regulatory rules and highly confidential build and decommissioning network servers, applications, security into secure data centres in North America. Led and managed a diverse global team of technical resources across diverse locations and people. Focus on mitigating risk, exceeding deadlines, project financials and accountabilities.

I am in the hunt for my next adventure whether by employment or entrepreneurial — someone wise in the past week, basically asked me why I haven’t monetized my online accomplishments, stating 20000+ followers on Twitter is no easy feat since I’m no Lady Gaga or parliamentarian figure.

I’ve mulled it over and over and realize I don’t have an answer.


Created by author and writer and artist intern, Jeannette Marshall

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