Tweet only once a week once a month and make it count

The following of this one rule to adventure of the great unknown.

Thanks for all the #LOVE shown to my blog: #TuesdayThoughts #motivation for #50s age group whom I dub: fading Yuppies, parents of Millennial children

Stop fearing the


You’re more likely to be a retiring if not fading Yuppy in her, or his changing world evolving into elders, advisors and now, Bloggers as a navigator of an era eclipsed between the Baby Boomers and Mighty Millennial gihuge population as an afterthought.

Champion Mommie Cool Dadios with this distinction as the Yuppy parents of the #METoo generation catapulted by social media empires and personalities.

Keep hanging in, keeping in touch as we share this unchartered course of global terrorism culture that has cultivated their influence: the scandalized era for dubbing as per name with hashtag assigned as creator of the very first link, where and in the form you established your online brand.

Don’t be lazy. That’s a big cop out.

Remember that zest and spirit that emits from your glow, creating your unique brand.

I’d guess, without proof, that the best singular age group, demographics & shared psychographics appeals and attracts a great age and demographic.

How do I know? Quite simply I began my professional career by leveraging my college educated portfolio.

The creative side is a whole big kettle of fish

How to Swim with the Sharks

was my first business NonFiction book.

Yes, with proper etiquette, aesthetic value, keen eye, the Yuppy has the greatest opportunity to expound it’s own unique brand evolved by the new #HipsterGeneration otherwise known as the tremendous force by the population bubble.

I like and love to promote emotional intelligence which can be a tribe of intellectual & innovative leaders, formally recognized, or not.

I’m not crushed is what I found. I’m a survivor, of a group of survivors of those who were born into air raid practice alarms frequent and loud to practice response & drills.

A military father and screen beauty mom >>

The cool city boy and the anything but a meek country mouse girl.

My parents

Norman & Marie

Holding hands across the universe so that she can protect her children. A war era baby with memory of her brother returning after fighting and serving his country.

The secrets start to come out as a woman ages. Also a HUGE aversion to B.S. bullshit they’ve avoided brain wash by its elder Baby Boomer siblings.

Our moment to shine

is fleeting

The 80s were our learning ground where international might was the norm.

When Princess Diana showed grace and support in causes, bringing profound knowledge by her behaviour.

Princess Diana knew and cultivated her brand.

Leaving a legacy of a generation of Yuppies who admired her guts with grace persona, complimented by her actions that portrayed images that were iconic, not requiring words.

In the background of our older siblings dynamic aura left the Yuppy sputtering in their dust.

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