Do you go with the tried and true ( #Yuppy ) or do you go for the untested and youthful ( #Millennial ) ?

Much has been said that it is very difficult to get a job in your 50s

The same can be said about politics.

I’d like to build a case for the worker who is over 50, in particular the Yuppy.

Here are some myths about folks in their 50s:

  1. . They don’t have the energy the same as the younger crew: but they do have the work ethic of a super hero
    They aren’t very technical: says who when they learned computers by entering codes long before it was point and click, backspace, spell check.
    . They expect to get paid a lot more. This group of experience wants to work because their life savings is being used up keeping from defaulting on their mortgage, their kids need help funding their university education (while smart yuppies knew to save into a Child’s Education Fund the minute they were born.
    . They could develop health problems and miss work. Of this generation where aerobics stemmed from? They’re less likely to call in sick from a hangover or drag themselves into work tired from chatting with friends on Facebook, or a texting marathon with their love interest, or watching YouTube.
    . The youngsters are full of ideas: to the generation who lived during the largest innovation era of the 1980s that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs bloomed from.
    . You can train them the way you want emdoesn’t mesh with doing it right the first time, working however many hours until the job is done, the patience of a turtle (with the hard shell that avoids emotionally getting all worked up).
    They’ve weaponized intelligence by hacking subCulture of online dwellers. Not often safe when dedicated effort exudes strength. Taking ownership of your brand and navigator sorting out interests and development of the power of positive opinion. Most YUPPIES have figured it out.
    If you have to ask: why should I be there. Naively thinking protection of security and privacy is THE NOW thing.
    DATA is passé now. Replaced by the power of online brands, where words becomes currency developed by your interest and sharing facilitated to a free world (beyond your home wifi, business id comtuously hacked, with permission from the higher or highest power, supported by numbers of audience and relevancy to the majority.
    The fear of the unknown. We’ve been there at least a couple of times, and pull from that wisdom in a form of paying it forward in a sophisticated smooth words.

Avoid social media at your folly.

You have a lot to give and share knowledge with wisdom in a proactive manner.

Share opinions, comment on major media publications COMMENT SECTION to strengthen your brand and polish your shine.

Go to places like or LinkedIn or SLIDESHARE and test the waters. Observe, read, absorb. You have 110% ONE HUNDRED PERCENT control and can drive your brand.

You take baby steps after Linked In into the Twittersverse and between those two you elegantly slip in, watch before you bring out your secret weapon: your words.

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