PAYING IT FORWARD: It’s better to be YOU in your reputation management before it’s somebody else.

The remarkable things start to happen when you finally jump on in. Trust me, put on @ProcolHarem Paler Shade, and read along with me. Don’t fret if you’re fearful of the great big void of the unknown. We’ve all been there at various times. The greatest thing I’ve learned to the core enough to say […]

What’s so different now?

Life and times living with a brain injured spouse: a reality check.

“Who’s the boss of the world?”

Asked my then six year old daughter. My straight out answer: Welllllllll, the boss of our world is the Prime Minister of Canada. Silence. A sure sign of absorbing the information. Testing for flaws in her world perception; then asks: “How do you become the Prime Minister?” Entering dicey territory, thankfully dodging the “her” versus […]

Linked In is a must to create an online identity

LinkedIn provides value for those willing to leverage its machines, algorithms and intelligence. WOW 43 birthday wishes from my LinkedIn tribe! Thank YOU! Linked In is certainly leveraging its technology and gathering intelligence with its active members—providing value and making it easier to use. I think it is wise to do the dance with LI’s […]