I really love sleeper hits!

Don’t you?

Yesterday was spent reviewing the finances with hubby. It tends to exhaust me. I’ve taken up a red book on the coffee table as I recognize the signs that it’s time to do so with him.

I’ve skated around what has been going on. I’m taking deep breaths before crossing that plexi glass that could break from really taking a hard look at what is going on.

We spent today going to a mall in Calgary as an excursion for our Friday. Being early spring in the foothills of the Rockies, ourselves and our kinfolk and neighbours set out for strolls and walking the dogs regularly as saying hello to others on the path, a smile or hello to one another is all we have to do.

Yesterday, I snapped out of my real, kinda tough world right now, by escaping by writing. Here. After a rude awakening by a reader who left brutally honest feedback set me back, analyze, evaluate and then spank myself mentally in where I may have gone wrong.

In writing, I expressively reveal clues as to where my head’s at.

Or, I don’t completely open up. Scattered without clear direction.

I was amazed tonight to learn, or reconfirm what I already about myself: I love discovering real worthy cinema or literature or visuals. So why not share that?

Lord knows, it has been a really tough month. See, I was about to write, yet the real story would likely be a GO FUND ME Campaign. I’ve never done that, yet have heard tragedy usually inspires amazing monetary contributions.

Are you still here?

What a delightful find on television tonight. Acting upon what I had shared yesterday, held me accountable.

Learn something new everyday

I believe that is what keeps us 50 something Yuppies who’s heydays were in the 1980s, young in spirit. You have a vitality uncovered during the 1980s this tribe of over achieving talented demographic group.

Yuppies were typically in their 20s & 30s in the 1980s.

YUPPIES set the tone on achievement based on the backbone of their war-era parents and Baby Boomer older siblings influence. Who faced challenges not faced for decades, a recession AND THE THREAT of nuclear war.

ONCE AGAIN, Yuppies are facing financial doom and faded outlook on life, while losing faith in the system.

So many debacles going around the world:

If Trump doesn’t hold you mesmerized, his name more likely gives you the shudder.

You could definitely be either:

  1. . A Yuppy
  2. . The offspring of a YUPPYx2 overload if both sides had those tendencies.

Are you still here?REVIEW by Jeannette Marshall on http://www.optioneerJM.com

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Don’t forget to watch

A five star ⭐️ ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ ⭐️


***** by Jeannette Marshall

~ O N ~


Are you still here.

Everyone is asleep at the wheel here. I’ve only become a movie buff since sharing more quiet evenings, escaping by watching the television.

Another outwardly sign is very expressive opinions.

You, my dear, are:

  1. . Self expressing exhaustively:: letting’er’rip stripping’er’down with no holding back? Raging hormones from any side of the fence
  2. . Prenatal: anywhere from the teens to until “the change in life” ( the formal and polite way of saying menopausal)
  3. . Yuppies is generally accepted to be a population bloom, which I opine for my group and tribe to be born between 1960 to now 1969 (the last year of our tribe to end this decade).
  4. . A wannaBE because you’ve been in the EXPLOSION of the self entitled generation, clogging the Yuppies against the plexi glass in order to break.

That’s just me opining or givin’r

Wondering why nobody has ever tried and nailed the ultimate UPTOWN GIRL * DANCING QUEEN of the 1980s to be?

Once again, attempting to rebound from to much self reflection to the hormonal surge before it putters out, not unlike a few backfires when the engines have been turned off, and the will be clear for sailing into the sunset.

Why wouldn’t we think that would be our turn, because we expected that good fortune would continue.

Life has a way of lightening things up, to just chill and watch a movie. Living to share the discovery of a diamond waiting to be found.

That’s ’nuff said until you’ve watched the movie, and ultimately comment and share this blog in the environment of a real domain website partnered and paid to host and own.

Go ahead and watch it. I dare you. I PROMISE YOU it will be as delighted and appreciative of the writing, the atmosphere by unaltered direction so superb. Lastly + enthusiastically!! *****/***** Recommend to your friends by sharing your like or posting as a favoured site, I’m confident that WordPress will be tested then accept the challenge to maintain integrity by maintaining trustful and supportive endorsements that celebrate others’ talents.

Like my baby brother, Cary, liked to say:

(applying to E V E R Y T H I N G !)

” Shit.

n get over it.”



Real cool brother and character.

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