Coasting? Hardly! Vow to Learn Something New Everyday

As we hit our 50s, some things certainly have changed.

We seem to coast in so many other ways.

Why is that?

I don’t think I have changed all that much, in my own made up mind, from when I was in my 30s or 40s.

If I was perfectly honest. That would not be true.

One thing that hit the breaks for many is learning. Join with me. I’ve decided to learn something new every day. That’s pretty easy if your curiosity rules your outlook.

Ever notice, we stray away from things that make us uncomfortable. Or, issues that get us all worked up.

Coasting? Hardly.

It is a conscious behavioural change or heightened awareness when we challenge ourselves to do something different, or in this case, more often.

Being a creative thinker allows one superb flexibility, the ability to switch direction quickly, most often sparked by curiosity, driven by a strong desire to gain knowledge.

Fortunately, my kids are Millennials which translates to a major entitlement culture. Where we older folks commonly label that translation meaning entitlement is linked to the imbalance between want and need.

When we, or our partner, is slowed down considerably from health ailments, one is forced to sort between the want and the need.

Well, we all want to be rich …. except the rich and famous perhaps who live in discontent — masking fears or insecurities with other concerns like alcohol, drugs or risky behaviour.

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