The sunset of life

beautiful beaches with stunning sunsets is where I’d like to be.

I’ve always had a dream that I would retire somewhere on a beach beside an ocean, it would have connectivity, and I’d work from my laptop.

I could safely say that a year ago, I had just started collecting Unemployment Insurance from the Canadian Government, a fund carved as a benefit when it really is our money.

I was preoccupied with finding a job that complimented my career and background, nowhere near retail, hospitality, or food industry.

I had been working for a reputable Canadian corporation who allowed bullying and sexual harassment because a whistle blower became expendable, very quickly.

Timing is everything

#MeToo exploded three months after. Crap timing for sure.

Published by YUPPYdom

A writer, a blogger, a seeker, a finder; discovering nuances that are unique to those born between 1960 and 1965 .... I write about what appeals to Yuppies who are 50 plus and wanting to be the best of anything and everything! I provide insights and build camaraderie among YUPPIES of the 1980s, an impactful demographic born in the 60s, went into Junior High | Middle School in the mid 70s and graduated from High School 1979, followed by the roller coasters in the 1980s. Regardless of location, religion, gender &or identity, age, culture, beliefs, education or economic standing. Everyone is famous in their own world:: having the starring role.

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