Should I stay? Or should I go?

Downsize, rightsize or otherwise?

It must be a struggle for anyone who hits 50, as long as the kids have all moved out without a chance of returning except to visit, of course.

It also depends upon your economic station or cultural traditions. In Canada, you’ve started university, gotta job and paid your folks nominal rent, a token of small responsibilities. Or, blazed trails exploring the world.

I centralize this blog surrounding YUPPIES: typically born in the early 60s and graduated from college or university in the 80s.

That would mean YUPPIES are retiring behind their Baby Boomer siblings around about now in 2019.

When reality hits it can be very smooth or like a slap in the face.

Ironically, the way life has its funny twists, both our cheating spouses are doing very well financially.

Our kids spend more time with the cheating spouse more than us.

Divorce can wipe out nest eggs and financially stability.

What Rob and I are most thankful for is they were saved from a rougher path simply because of our goal: to bring a family together. That’s probably what is our greatest success.

So, is it time to step away from our home that suits us and fits us perfectly: location, quiet neighbourhood, yard for the dogs and for me to piddle around with a garden. The house itself is bigger than we probably need. That is, until we watch “Escape to the Country” with sprawling gardens and countryside, and HUGE family kitchen.

When I speak to friends who have made the move, they promote no more shovelling snow or mowing the lawn, as if it’s a great thing.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying shovelling the snow, crazy as it sounds. It’s that bright blue sky and sunshine I’m sure. Although I recognize the exercise I’m getting.

Then our neighbours kids are our age, who retired pre-60 years old and purchased a home in Mexico. While my sister and I were there last winter, we stayed at a condo complex comprised mostly of Canadians who live there 6 months of the year: aka”Snowbirds”.

My 83 year old mother is returning from Arizona, where she is trying to sell her park trailer that she’s enjoyed about 15 years, half with my father when he was alive. My mom says the Canadian real estate market has dried up, because “so many Canadians don’t trust Trump.”

The decision to move to other shores is a giant one. What, with the Millennial children, settling down, there’s a grandchild now. It’s really hard to insert that much distance. It can’t be that dreadful with so many doing it. Especially, BabyBoomers or older.

The Yuppy is on the doorstep of decisions. Should they downsize and move to a condo, rightsize by getting rid of extra clutter. Lucky ones will winter in the tropics, with the fortunate able to do all, including safaris and European tours.

My preference is to right size. That’s being realistic. The dream of tropical shores is disappearing on the horizon.

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