It makes me laugh at the 80s antics: #TheGoldbergs @TheGoldbergs

A day doesn’t go by that Junior (what Rob calls him) ... he makes us laugh

Oscar is not always a willing participant

I’ve been wondering where my crowning 80s sweater is. I bought a shadow box last spring, actually two — one I gave to my neighbour. (I hope Stewart didn’t give it to the dealer who came to pick up his vast arrowhead collection inherited by the original, his grandfather who was a parks warden across Alberta and Saskatchewan. I even emailed a curator at The Glenbow Museum (largest curator of western Canadian native indigenous artifacts and purveyors of history).

IF, I can find it, that’s what I’ll do. That sure doesn’t sound like “rightsizing” does it?

A good friend of mine who recently downsized from a huge home backing on to a golf course said straight out, we have to get rid of our collectibles. I decided to start with the heaviest and bulky Stereo Cabinet from the 1940s that was Rob’s.

I’m pretty sentimental. I was angry with my mother after she gave away my sister and mine Barbies, along with an almost life-size doll (the ones without real hair, but coloured rubber doll material.

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